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Burzynski is the story of a medical doctor and [...]

Tavistock, Devon
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Burzynski is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.

His victorious battles with the United States government were centered around Dr. Burzynski's belief in and commitment to his gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970's called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and will begin the final phase of testing in 2010.

When Antineoplastons are approved, it will mark the first time in history a single scientist, not a pharmaceutical company, will hold the exclusive patent and distribution rights on a paradigm-shifting medical break through.…
He is in this movie. "Truth about cancer".…
Sunday 4 September 2016, 20:27:30
Click on link not the window with movie. So you will see the exact part with him.
Sunday 4 September 2016, 20:28:28
[deleted user]
Wow, that's a fast and furious strongly driven man, presenting this avalanche of info, Rob. Thank you for finding it and adding it to this post..
My beloved eldest brother lived 15 years with a treatment for prostate cancer, taking hormones that changed his personality and gender,
in a way that he lost his libido completely. This had such a devastating effect on him that he became depressed and anti-depressiva were
prescribed. He used to say "I've lost my spirit".

For many years he lived like a zombie and I hit my nose against the brick wall of his wife's refusal to consider alternative treatment.
The most frustrating part of having to accept and see my brother's condition without any promise of change, was that when I would've
confronted his wife, I would've thrown over the status quo she kept in place, believing the doctors as if they were holy saints.

This disruption would've caused my brother's condition to grow much worse, for he can't endure quarreling and fire in discussions.
My favorite niece, my brother's second daughter, did research with my help and found that doctors hadn't made decisions based on
evidence and that second opinions were refused at some point. She passed it on to her mother, so that it wasn't coming from me.

My other 7 siblings decided years ago to not get in touch anymore, feeling anger for the stubbornness of my brother's wife. They
simply didn't bother anymore with showing interest. I felt this was a heartless and weak attitude, but all communication was closed.
Although I had to recover from my visits to my brother's home, without much to talk about and share in words, I kept going.

I knew that stopping all medication would turn out for the better and I've sent many prayers and burned many candles in churches for him
and his wife, asking for a change of heart and support for myself, accepting a situation I couldn't alter and not grow resentful towards my
brother's wife and help in any way possible. If she would break he'd have to be institutionalized, which would've killed his spirit entirely.

At the end of 2014 my brother's wife discovered that her faith in doctors was based on a mistake and she began to change her views.
After much talks and thinking about the best way to go, they decided to stop all medication. No hormones, no drugs to suppress emotions.
They accepted the condition of my brother, living with prostate cancer, with a risk that his condition could get worse. Doctors kept monitoring it.

My brother turned back to his old self for 80%! One day, after 2 months without medication, he called me and I heard his familiar voice, just
like I always knew him. The tears were flowing, I was so very happy to hear his true voice again and his humourous remarks. His spark was revived!
Until this day, now 20 months later, he's been more outgoing and lively, went on holidays with his wife, found renewed interest in music and
playing the piano.

He's the brother who looked me in the eyes when I announced my move to the UK, in 2011 and said "Yes, please follow your dream" .
He's always felt fondness for the UK. The other 7 siblings haven't said a word about it once, since I left Holland, with a one way ticket on the
ferry to Harwich and arrived in my new homeland UK on July 1st 2015.

Sunday 4 September 2016, 22:15:02
This is a nice story Pastinakel. Happy that we are realizing that change can be expected anywhere. and anytime.
Sunday 11 September 2016, 18:47:28
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