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OK folks, you can stop complaining about sitting on your [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
OK folks, you can stop complaining about sitting on your asses/clinging to the screen etc....... you can get busy with your local group and step into your local square, as I've just done here in Casares, Andalucia. You want an example-here is one. Just one, mind...don't think about 'following' but seriously, why not hurry along and step into the 'ring'. Take the circle to the square/square the circle- thing is, once you grasp the power of the circle and combine with common sense and local concerns, then apply the legal key concept, you've got a serious process going on.
We at FCP are aiming to have our first live hangout where we can take Q&A etc very soon- will try our best for the first meeting by the end of next week. There are also helpful and focused interviews coming up...
Thursday 10 September 2015, 23:41:16
In the meantime, get your circle of peeps going in your neighborhood. This is far and away the best thing for sooo many reasons- resilience and trust for instance.
Thursday 10 September 2015, 23:42:45
For any immediate help/ideas/support PLEASE contact me.. I've been building up gathering s here as FCP for over a year and a half. Ask me what you need to know to get spinning.... asking will also show us where the 'gaps' in understanding are so we can focus on filling these in with guidelines. But honestly, you will find you have all the answers.... just do it (Nike did not pay me to say this- but its all you need ..) In lak'ech, Louise
Thursday 10 September 2015, 23:46:27
If you have any interest (and a couple of hours to spare..) listen in to this radio chat with Andy from 'Enemy Within' at PIR. An 'extra' show focusing on the antics here in Casares.…
Friday 11 September 2015, 00:12:14
I havn't listened yet so it might just be ramble...but I've been waaaay toooo busy OFF screen...just get the FCP bug and run with it... blessings again. ps not looking to 'blow my trumpet' or anything- just inspire into action- anyone can. just do it ;-)
Friday 11 September 2015, 00:13:46
good on you Lula. to think and act in harmony with oneself is the key. I will take a look at radio link or a listen haha later . ty .
Friday 11 September 2015, 01:38:07
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