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Come on, come on! I'm feeling so impatient right [...]

Västervik, Kalmar län
via The Full Circle Project
Come on, come on! I'm feeling so impatient right now! What are we doing? Lets just get off our passes and meet up and let those meetings determine where we go from there! Why so hesitant about everything? Can't we see that the internet is isolating and passivising us? Lets skip to it. I'm not going to sit here and thread water all my life and I am not passing judgement on you but please! I can't carry all this burden all on my own! I'm not a one-woman army. Perhaps what we don't need is to sit and take in more and more information day after day after day and what we do need is to break the cycles and routines in our lives and just do what feels right and sort out the details afterwards? Your computer is affecting you mentally and emotionally. Its electromagnetic radition interacts with yours and puts you in a passive, easily affectable state and even depresses you. It also distracts you from your own inner processes, from the relationships in your life and from actions we need to take . We need to use the internet now, but its not going to last forever and you probably know I'm right too, so lets ditch Hermes and get together!
Ehm, I meant "asses". How did that "p" get there? I can't even be lewd properly, how sad. But maybe it slipped in there for a reason. "Passes" as in work hours. Our employment is perhaps the number one factor that keeps us apart and not the internet. We should get off our passes and how is a key question we need to resolve.
Thursday 10 September 2015, 20:31:15
Mat Dowle
The vision for this web platform was to connect people locally so they can meet in the real world and get away from the computers. Please everyone, look at the map on the "connect" page, and contact the people close to you and arrange to meet up. Don't wait for someone to organise a local meeting, take the initiative and arrange a meet-up.
Thursday 10 September 2015, 21:30:31
Thats right. Thats what I'm trying to do but it's going very slowly hence my post. It's so easy to get derailed from this. Don't be.
Thursday 10 September 2015, 21:34:46
If there is any swedes here I haven't talked to yet, please pm me.
Thursday 10 September 2015, 21:36:14
Dale of the Weald
Well said Rosie! i've been sending out PM's to meet locally, but no responses for over a week. I wish i was nearer, unfortunately i'm in the UK.
Friday 11 September 2015, 11:35:47
Hello Dale, thanks for replying! I wish I had a habit of going to the UK occasionally. It's such an interesting Place with so many interesting people, especially now. Maybe we should consider starting a network of coach surfers that lend their homes to eachother so that we can become more mobile. There needs to be a process where we can get to know eachother safely first though so that we can establish some basic trust.
Friday 11 September 2015, 16:50:03
Love this idea Rosie and one we have been bouncing around for a while. A sort of conscious couch-surfing/Helpex/Wwoofing network for people to travel around and connect to others, share and participate in FCP activites, then travel on with new ideas to share. This would be great. Can you , or anyone else, help us to put this together as part of the project? Thanks mucho !
Friday 11 September 2015, 20:00:14
Dale of the Weald
Yes, an international connection is the way forward, just so logistically difficult and
expensive in this present system of preventing ordinary people from traveling. Guess they Don't want the slaves to leave the farm.
Friday 11 September 2015, 20:13:53
Indeed. I have very Little monetary Resources otherwise I would be all over the p
Friday 11 September 2015, 20:15:08
Thanks for your reply, Lula. I suppose I could give it a try but I am not the best organiser in the known universe If there was such a Group we should have some kind of common fund to which people could donate to help cover the expenses of our travel and also meetings on neutral ground for people to get to know eachother because everyone doesn't want to invite people into their homes right away.
Friday 11 September 2015, 20:46:51
: Hey good people... I live in Denmark, and you live in Sweden, so you could come down to CPH, and meet my circle of Activists ! . . :-D
Saturday 19 September 2015, 06:04:47
I would love too! I'm working on geting a meeting together here in Sweden too.
Saturday 19 September 2015, 08:39:26
Hi People in Nordic lands.... please be aware FCP just took to the stage at the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen this weekend, along with a fabulous line up of speakers and a warm and attentive audience. You can all meet up through FCP to learn more and keep track of OMC who aim to have a conference in Stockholm and elsewhere, If anyone is willing to help to organiser the OMC in Stockholm, please contact me as coordinator of FCP as we are working in collaboration with OMC and can put you all in touch to bet the ball rolling! In Lak'ech
Monday 21 September 2015, 18:00:26
Excuse my ignorance but what is the OMC? What should I run a search for?
Monday 21 September 2015, 19:23:34
Sounds like you are where I am right now and have been for many years. I'm basically living "The Walk Scene" from the first Matrix movie and that can be a very lonely walk indeed. The walk scene never ends once you've started down this path, there IS no full recovery from taking the red pill. Socializing with the like-minded is actually quite important to be able to keep the spirit up to fight the good fight against the collectivist prison-abstraction we've all been dumped into.…

Monday 21 September 2015, 22:02:21
Dear Jacques I've known about these types of subjects since early 2009. And yes it is important to talk and be with others with similar insights. Its just been very difficult for me to get there.
Monday 21 September 2015, 22:02:28
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