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What we could learn from our present system of education, [...]

Oslo, Oslo
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What we could learn from our present system of education, is what it misses out on, and what it already has, which we can use for the benefit of all. This, in my opinion, is nothing more than the basics, such as reading, writing, the basic maths and so on. Education for our coming generations should be concentrated around developing the skillset of all children on this planet, instead of supressing their creative minds. I think children and youth should be rewarded for asking questions, and thinking for themselves, not punished. All in all, i dont think education should be forced upon anyone, i think teachers and their corriculum should be adapted around the talents and wishes that the children hold within. Its ironic almost, how our present educational system is working against the people's own best interest.. how can any positive change come about in a soceity where creativity and imagination are beeing supressed, and not balanced and developed? It just seems like our present system is a reflection, or a symptom of a lagrer problem.. but if we where to pull back from it all, we could establish communities of unity, and we could all work together on "re-establishing" our present eduactional model.…
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