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I liked listening to this. 2 hour radio interview (with [...]

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I liked listening to this. 2 hour radio interview (with adverts - skip them)

KEN DOST - HOW WE BEAT THEM - Exposing the Matrix…
Great music. I love acoustic guitar, not so much electric guitar which is jarring to the ear. Let me hear the content now.
Friday 2 September 2016, 23:52:35
Eh! Glad you listened to it!! I hope you gained some important info from it.
Saturday 3 September 2016, 01:15:50
Max Igan and Jordan Maxwell spoke of "Admiralty Law" and I didn't have the faintest idea what they were talking about and I didn't care. Now I realize it's serious business, especially in the US. Regain you ID, legally and spiritually.
That's right. The American Bar Association (not as in a country-western song) is one of the most evil organizations based on Talmudic Judaism HELL bent on stripping the goyim (which is us) of all rights and possessions.
Saturday 3 September 2016, 03:18:20
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