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New here, looking to connect with like minded people, thanks [...]

Didsbury, Alberta
via The Full Circle Project
New here, looking to connect with like minded people, thanks to Max Igan I now know about this place, hello everyone!!
[deleted user]
Hello McAllan
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 17:30:04
[deleted user]
Welcome to FCP hangout page
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 17:30:31
Hello Angela, thank you for the welcome & lovely greeting.
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 18:08:06
[deleted user]
A pleasure - you look far away. Where are you situated?
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 18:12:53
Hello McAllan welcome. Mat (web design & coeo) and I (Louise-coordinator FCP) will soon have some 'guides to the site' videos to help orientate folks and to gain the maximum benefit from the site and the ways it offers support to you in your community on and OFF -LINE, were its at In the meantime, ask the members here- all helpful and lively people, Louise
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 18:22:53
[deleted user]
Hi Lula - hope you are well. Some guides to the site would be great as its not the easiest to navigate round.
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 18:49:16
Welcome McAllan . You will meet a lot of great people here . You will probably visit this more then any other site .Lots of great info .
Thursday 1 September 2016, 02:15:49
Thank you very much guys, excuse the late reply.

I'm one who goes from "extrovert" to "introvert" as the whole fitting in and not offending people with sharing truths it seems we are taught to want to avoid makes me feel reacted to as if my actions are intentionally impolite and so I sometimes am more introverted to not offend social groups but this is the main reason I deleted Facebook and such , but I know that McAllan and the truth are a couple and to accept him is to accept her and I need to not care about offending people with the truth as its always respectful and loving whenever I speak, I generally love people but the level of social engineering a influence on social interactions is clearly detrimental and I need to be part of the healing process not shirk that responsibility but accept it and be gentle with it lovingly, point was originally this is my social media for people who encourage McAllan to be McAllan , I'd probably have 5 friends on FB if I had it , open minded people are in short supply as we pretend that ignorance is bliss, yet we know ignorance of truth is what empowers lower consciousness/ evil.

Thank you guys for your comments, I'm in didsbury , near Airdrie, which is not far from Calgary .

Been in Canada nearly 5 years moved here from England , I'm 25, 26 in October :)

Might move to Victoria B.C soon as I can as I try decide where I want to settle in Canada / go back home, maybe there's something that'll capture my heart in Victoria , I love nature so we will see.

I want to do more with life much as I don't believe in the education system I'm noticing I may have to resort to autodidact action and learning from here and there even being a herbalist or investigative journalist seems cool but I love from the heart like you guys and the whole fitting in thing has clearly never been an option and I guess in the self realization and potential awareness of self I'm a late bloomer but I think it was important to take time to unlearn the B.S and learn about McAllan before I could share my gifts and love with the world more wholesomely .

I love playing the saxophone (still learning) and I love coaching kids footie (soccer) I learned to believe in myself using soccer as a kid for my escape but now I enjoy sharing that nurturing growth of self, and self believe with kids by coaching soccer ..

Very happy to be here hope everyone is well 💜☘👍🏾
Thursday 1 September 2016, 10:47:56
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