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Well worth a watch [...]

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Well worth a watch…
Michael Tellinger (Ubuntu movement) said somewhere the Titanic was sunk on purpose to silence the bankers in Europe who opposed the idea of the Federal Reserve Banks (the American version of the Bank of England, a privately owned central bank). They were invited to America for a meeting.

The whole thing reminds of Larry Silverstein, then owner of the WTC, who was scheduled to have breakfast on 9-11 with his sons in a restaurant on top of the one of the Towers but cancelled it to see a doctor. He also upped the insurance money shortly beforehand.

The lives of unborn fetuses is a hot topic here now, but what about the lives of born adults?
Tuesday 30 August 2016, 22:45:53
I think there were two levels of conspiracy. The shallow level of conspiracy was by the company and the crew to sink the ship. Since they thought the passengers would be saved by the nearby ships, they didn't feel any compunction about sinking the ship knowingly. But there the was a deeper level of conspiracy to kill the European bankers along with hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent passengers.
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 12:09:14
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