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Hello, Forgive me if I am a little curious but [...]

Oregon House, California
via Prepare For Change
Hello, Forgive me if I am a little curious but can anyone in Holland or Mexico confirm the New Republic announcement rumor please? If disinfo, it is going really far...…
"report, from Mexico, that the United States on radio and television is now the New Republic. Also, out of Holland, they admit the same thing in Holland, on radio, television and TV, that the United States is now The Republic. The U.S. Navy today was ordered to stop all import/export shipping until the RV is complete. The motu proprio from the Pope also says that before September 1st, if we do not have an RV then there will be a mass arrest of anyone who has tried to stop the super sneak-up, the forgiveness of debt..."
[deleted user]
Hello Sylvie, it seems the Rothchild family and the Satanic parts wish war for war's sake. They try to call forth disruption in Europe. Simon strongly advises to not surrender to fear and be prepared, not believing everything that comes through mainstream media. There's been an attempt to attack the German counseler and kill her. The UK is a target too and the British population is also advised to stockpile food and water.

See for yourself what you can make of it. It seems it's all about a planned American attack on Germany, by those of the Illuminati trying to profit from war.………
Tuesday 30 August 2016, 10:11:24
[deleted user]
Again, this is what I've found trying to track down the news Sylvie is trying to verify. Sheldon Nidle spokesman for the Agarthan world, has mentioned the name New Republic as the New organisation of America, in April 2016.

The United States now has a new government called the Republic...

We believe this news is being blocked by Google and others. Please help us find this news so we can let everyone know...



Tuesday 30 August 2016, 16:38:05
So, nobody has an answer to the question it seems? Thank you.
Tuesday 30 August 2016, 16:50:25
October the 1/2 !!!
Tuesday 30 August 2016, 23:04:03
[deleted user]
Sylvie, sometimes, with the help of our friend Google, checking a number of sources with info on this subject, one can distill an answer revealing the reason why nobody has an answer.... know what I mean?

A rumormill is a rumormill, it's often similar to the gossip of a chatty neighbour, who mixes factual bits of truth with selfmade conclusions, presenting it as the whole truth.

Many reporters are fighting to be on the first row in front of the stage with our Disneyland-realityshow, the world we dream alive, also multi-media-wise.
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 07:37:25
Thank you very much for your efforts, Pastinakel. Google is Cabal and would filter out anything relevant. Nothing on I agree with you on the rumor aspect. There is sometimes a little truth mixed in due to her history, but in general I prefer to not feed my mind, heart and soul with negative stuff. There seem to be quite a few PFC members in Holland and they would have confirmed, I assume, if true. We stay centered, unified and hopeful. Love to you.
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 17:49:17
[deleted user]
Ha Sylvie I am Dutch by birth and I live in the UK now. As soon as I go online I shield myself from any energy present on screen and keep my attention in the center of my head. By studying numerous sources of info I've begun to learn and discern fast when sources are for real or for drama. What I found is, that it was said that the announcement of the New Republic in Mexico was confirmed by the Dutch contactee. No direct and new info came from that frog-country. Some of the sources on internet made slight changes and used different words. Some use loud screams to attract attention and add drama. It's how confusion and manipulation is created and how so called "facts" begin to have a life of their own, at times, kicked around like a football on a field without goals
Wednesday 31 August 2016, 20:52:15
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