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hey dear family of light, Woud like to share [...]

Eferding, Oberösterreich
via Prepare For Change
hey dear family of light,
Woud like to share something with you:
I was a taking a little distance from this whole light work thing for a little time now and needed it too.
(yes I tend to be like that sometimes-waiting is something I am not good at.)
Yesterday sitting outside on the porch watching the stars I was doing a channeling.
I channeled the source:
The source has an energy floating through yourself, like it is going through your whole body, reaching every cell, it is beautiful to say the least. Pure love.
The source greeted me by calling me my daughter he or she got right to making his point:
He or she was telling me I need to acknoledge my mission, showing me a long, long row of angels with wings in the sky, rowing one after another in curves, standing side by side.
I was asking: "what are you showing me, I don´t understand, these are all angels!" God said:
"These are all the angels on earth, who are the healers and you are on the forefront! You are pioneering with them!
You assigned to this misson, you agreed to it! We are counting on you!"
I then "said":
" But how can I alone be so important, I am only one person!" God aswered
"You are all important, every single one of you! You need to remember and don´t forget this!"

Well I got it now:)
My guardinan angel Leon also scolded me a little in a loving way as he always does. He told me : "You asked for your mediality, you cannot send it back again now! You agreed to it! Sweetheart!"
Oh well, mission agreed, no way back ! hehe No it is fine with me, sometimes from time to time we all need this little push again and again on acting towards what we need to do:)
We are all so dearly loved dear ones, maybe this is inspiring to you as it was to me yesterday:) Even if this is a tough but always loving approach, i just need it like that hehe they already know that.:) hehe
Have a nice day! love, Martina
[deleted user]
oh and something else:
"I need to wait because everything is already planned ANYWAY! There is a divine plan for me, for everybody. " ...sigh ok hehe
Sunday 28 August 2016, 16:27:04
Thank you for sharing! Yes I can feel the source nearby. Doing is more important at this point of time. We just had a small local meeting with a few other lightworkers, to exchange feelings and thoughts in person. I would recommend.
Monday 29 August 2016, 01:30:12
Thank you for sharing Martina! What a beautiful experience :-). Love, M.Light
Monday 29 August 2016, 10:01:29
[deleted user]
Yukie you are absolutely right. I live in Austria in the countryside.
Unfortunately it is not that easy to find a local meeting with other lightworkers in and around my community.
But I know time will come soon.
Monday 29 August 2016, 16:11:49
One can say that we are all in the waiting position, the new world is manifest.
Monday 29 August 2016, 16:55:20
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