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Greetings everyone, I'm new to this community. This is the first [...]

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Greetings everyone,

I'm new to this community. This is the first time for me "showing up" online and stop living "under the radar". Is there a forum to exchange your ascension experiences? There are a lot of changes going on and I feel that everything is accelerating. The energies are intense. Things are coming to a boiling point :-).
Yes M. Light most of us here have and are feeling those changes. Welcome! Much Love!
Tuesday 23 August 2016, 21:39:56
ἄρχων arkhon
I have also been feeling those changes M. Light, I am curious as to how long yours lasted? I seemed to have a super human ability to sense things, and the smells of nature took me over, I could hear more clearly, also smell things in foods that made me not want to eat them anymore, but for some reason it went away when my parents returned one day, and I can't help but think it's because they think i'm crazy. I have been meditating, and doing everything that I can to feel that way again because I feel it could really help me and others in the long run, but i'm at a loss right now. I have recently noticed my hands hurting really bad all of the sudden and cannot figure out what it could be from.
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 04:09:35
ἄρχων arkhon
Thank you for sharing!
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 04:09:49
Hi! In the main menu of this site you can find articles on "Ascension symptoms" as well as in Youtube. I think it my help you guys to discern what are you feelings. Remember that we are all individuals and might not feel exactly the same. Much Love!
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 12:21:29
Thank you for the information and sharing your story :-). Truly amazing. This is so exciting. I have been spiritual for about 14 years now, but I only have been aware of the changes since 2008. So I think I have been on this path for a while now, but I only started living more consciously (eating more healthy foods, meditating and working on my own path of ascension) for about a year now. And I've noticed amazing leaps in my growth since then. The same as you arkhon I've become a lot more sensitive to sounds (4 months ago I've been hearing high pitched sounds for a month or so), scents (also things in foods and drinking water, like when there's a little bit of chlorine or iron in it) and my intuition has become stronger. I think I also might become a little bit clairsentient, because I am able to sense energies since half a year or so. I hope this message won't become too long, but these next experiences (I've also shared this on another blog, of Blossom Goodchild) is what I want to share with you:

" I really would like to share some things with you that I have experienced the last 3 to 5 months.. It started with dreams of beautiful blue and golden lights/orbs in the sky and the moment I decided to work with crystals.. Changes ARE happening and everything is accelerating. Everything the GFOL have been talking about is gradually coming to fruition :-).

Furthermore, just a few weeks before the summer solstice, I had some kind of chakra activation which gave me immense moments of bliss. Since then I've been feeling all kinds of energy running through my body, working on my chakra system. So there are definitely changes going on.

Last week I felt an urge to step out of the shadows, get in contact with like minded people and share my story. But, as is most of the time the case, I didn't listen to my intuition and stayed "under the radar". But then the experiences went on and it feels like it's accelerating (and it is going to accelerate even more!!!).

A few nights ago I had an amazing dream. I was with a group of people and we were all standing in a circle. We were all in peace and it was if we were all waiting for something to happen or we were in a trance like state to bring forth peace and enlightenment for everyone on earth. Suddenly I was the chest of some people "crack" open and there was a very bright white/yellowish light shining through, like a big ball of light. And it was a kind of a trigger for other people to experience the same. Then I kept repeating a sentence in this dream. "2016 is THE year". And it felt like this year would be really a BIG year full of change!

I won't tell more in detail (that would be too much), but I hope this gives you an idea of the changes that are taking place right NOW and how fast everything is changing for the betterment of all :-). I really feel things are about to happen.. very SOON :-). "

Again, thank you. I really feel comfortable in this community.

I think September might be a significant month... :-)



Thursday 25 August 2016, 13:45:03
[deleted user]
M.Light I have had very similar experiences like you starting in spring this year. It scared the hell out of me first.. But now I see it as a gift.I feel a lot and can tune into others energies. Fortunately I learned to protect myself and distuinguish between my and others energies. Otherwise it drives you nuts especially when working as a nurse like me. I . am channeling too. How are you doing with protection?
I agree with you september will be intense:)
Happy to meet you here! love, Martina
Sunday 28 August 2016, 05:58:29
Hi Martina! Nice to meet you :-).

Thank you for sharing your story, it's truly amazing to see that we're having similar experiences. This definitely shows we're all in this together. The first time I felt my body filling up with light and lots of energy, during this period around the summer solstice, it also scared the hell out of me. But right after it happened I was feeling grateful for the experience and I'm feeling truly blessed getting the opportunity to experience all these changes consciously.

Right after my first experiences I was getting attacked by a very dark entity in my dream state. It was trying to break through my etheric body and it was pretty scary. So since then I'm trying to protect myself even more. I have a moldavite pendant (which gives me protection) that I'm wearing almost every day now. Other forms of protection I'm using during my practices is visualizing myself being surrounded by the violet flame of protection, asking help from my guides and some archangels to protect me. And last but not least, giving statements that I'm only allowing the help of energies who serve my highest good and the highest good of humanity (when I'm working on bringing in the (love) energies of change).

What are your methods of protection? Maybe you have some tips for me and others?
How awesome that you are channeling! In what way are you receiving messages? I've been trying to channel, but I'm not (yet) able to receive clear messages in which I can understand what is being "said". I only receive lots of love energies straight to my heart when I'm trying to make contact.

Lots of love,

Monday 29 August 2016, 09:19:53
[deleted user]
hey M.Light, thank you for your kind answer. I am grounding myself 2- 3 times a day beginning before I go to work or in the car. This works very simple:
I am saying the sentence:" I allow myself that Gaya´s energy is flowing through my body now. I am Imaging roots growing out of my feet into the earth and soon you feel a sensation of tingling under your feet. I am saying thank you to mother earth and wait until the tingling under my feet has gone, I know I am finished then and completly full of the energy, I feel very stable then. This is a very good protection because it helps you being grounded. I realized this alone is too little so I am wearing a big red japsis which is a very powerful stone for protection and I can feel it really. When I have a bad day and visiting a really mean patient (which happens from time to time) I additionally ask my guides and my guardian angel sometimes archangel Michael too to assist me as well.
And if it is really bad I am Imaging putting on a white coat protecting me.
I was doing a channeling course in spring and after this all these changes happened suddenly to me. It is ok now cause I know I actually waited for this time all my life living my role that I was supposed to be actually and now I can live it:) I already channeled several arch angels such as Zadkiel, Chamuel, Michael (what an energy oh boy so strong- i needed to ground so much after it the first time hehehe), Uriel and I also already channeled the arcturians once which was so sweet because it was a group of three actually asking me to talk to them (usually I am determining to whom I wanna talk but there was a picture of them in my head and they were looking at me wanting to talk I could tell hehe). It is not difficult to channel- anyone can do it! But you need to do a course to do it the right way through your guardian angel so you are protected when channeling. lots of love to you!
Monday 29 August 2016, 16:06:53
Hi Martina! Thank you so much for sharing your advise on protection! I need to ground myself more thoroughly, so the grounding technique with the roots will be certainly helpful. And I LOVE crystals, so I will definitely look for a Red Jasper stone :-). Luckily I already have a Black Tourmaline which helps me to stay grounded, but I'm sure that using more ways to keep me grounded will certainly help. Thanks again and lots of love and joy, and in particular for the coming months... ;-)
Tuesday 30 August 2016, 11:51:55
ἄρχων arkhon
M. Light, I don't even know where to start. I have so much to say, and so little time. I have been having amazing dreams, OBE's, been able to astral project, and all kinds of other things. Telekenetic dreams, also started being able to create this magnetic force from my hands and move things on my hand, and sometimes on the table. It is super interesting. I believe in everything that is going on so much, and the dreams you spoke of, well, i've been having dreams that were super close to what you talked about. Espessally last night, well honestly i've been having them every single night for the past three months, or so. I have also been having strong premonition's of things in this earth that are about to happen. Also things about my family. I don't really know if Premonition is the right word for this because it literally felt like some heavenly being was warning me about specific things. For one, I was looking around on the internet, then all of the sudden it felt like my Dad died. I just lost it pretty much, but after that I was looking around on the internet. I saw this add pop up out of nowhere, it said, "Are you having a heart attack, try this drug (.....don't remember name.....) I didn't think anything of it, but I was riding with my mom about an hour after that and told her what was going on and she said well he has his medicine, and then I asked what medicine he all has. She started with the exact drug that I read about and paused for a second. It just hit me like a ton of bricks and I went to the house to look to see if he took them along, and couldn't find one of them, but one was gone. I called him, and he said he had the medicine. I then went to look in the other vehicles anyway because the feeling wasn't going away, and the other bottle was in the truck here. So he didn't have them. Long story short, I went to find him, (he was gold panning,) and rolled up on him holding his chest in pain berly making it to the vehicle. So this stuff is all to real to me right now. I told my family some of the other things that have been getting shared with me the same way, and they wanted to take me to a doctor. I went to the doctor just to prove that i'm perfectly normal, and they started to worry about themselves after the doctor, and DNA specalist had nothing but good things to say about me. My family started to wonder after that if things I was saying would actually happen. I guess I went on a little long, but the dream that I had last night was me trying to do good all over my community, and the world, as much as I could and right in the middle of driving back home I looked up and saw this Asteroid looking thing flying through the sky. I told whoever I was driving with at the time to look up, Six times I had to say look up, before they actually got interested. Well they crashed because of it, but then everybody started coming out of their houses to look at the sky. The "Asteroid looking thing was flying super slow, compared to what an Asteroid would probably look like, and it got to the center of the sky and exploded, but when it exploded it didn't have any sound, or bad feelings. It literally turned into a Circle, like a smoke ring, but made of energy, and the smoke ring wasn't like a halo on the earth it was sideways, so one part of it was going up, and one was coming to the ground. It hit the ground and all of these other kinds of energy balls exploded from the ground in specific spots all over the world, and as soon as the first one hit the ground I could see the whole world just look at each other, and understand how the feeling Love was so strong in each person. Hate was gone instantly. IT was amazing. I felt this connection with the whole planet, much like some experiences like i've had while awake for the past month. Then the other energies started making everybody feel even more amazing. Ok, so I didn't get to write that dream down, but I think I woke up at that time, and I know it was 333 in the morning. Crazy, but I also wanted to share some of the things that have been happening to me when I walk outside. One day I walked outside and I felt like I could look at a tree and look down as if I am as tall as that tree and able to look down over my town from that height. I then began to close my eyes and I could see the sky with my eyes closed. I could see everything with my eyes closed. That has happened a lot to me as well, but I have also felt this amazing feeling when I walk outside where I take a deep breath and I feel the air filling my lungs up, and then I literally feel like I am also the air. I can't explain this feeling to really tell you how it felt, but imagine walking outside feeling normal, and then taking a breath and you feel like you turn into the air. All physical feelings of your body are gone and you feel like you are literally flying, or hovering. You don't feel your senses lilke normal, you feel like you are one big sensor. If that makes sense. lol. Soooo sorry that was so long. I have plenty more, but I think I am going to take a break. I was trying to hurry as well, because I got like 3 jobs now out of nowhere that I can do to help people, and I love it! haha. It took me a while to be able to get back on here, but I really enjoyed your story, and it made me want to share! Thank you!
Thursday 22 September 2016, 02:04:34
ἄρχων arkhon
that was probably a challange to read.

I should have slowed down, I was just afraid I wouldn't get to say a lot of what I wanted to!
Thursday 22 September 2016, 02:05:21
ἄρχων arkhon
that was probably a challange to read.

I should have slowed down, I was just afraid I wouldn't get to say a lot of what I wanted to!
Thursday 22 September 2016, 02:05:24
[deleted user]
Hi I wanted to answer you but unfortunatelly I cannot write your name on my pad hehe so sorry about that. I have had some experiences too as you can read above but I truly want to tell you, you need to protect yourself if it is too much for you to handle, speaking you need to be able to switch these things off when you are too overwhelmed to protect yourself. I want to share with you a technique a medium taught me: Imagine a light switch and every light Switch stands for one medial ability you have and is connected to it and maybe the ones that will additionally "hit" you in the future. Anytime you want to protect yourself (like being in a shopping mall or somewhere many people around) imagine you switch off this light or all lights just like you desire, I needed to learn this as well. It is very important in my opinion and also grounding and wearing crystals are important factors to being centered and protect your energy, It is good to be able to help but your own safety always comes first. Had the need to write you this. love to you ! And by the way in Africa , Sout America and especially in the indeginious cultures many many people still have this ability to forsee things, it is and was a natural thing- don´t worry you are fine :)We are just receiving our abilities back and as I understood we always receive every one added ability just when we are ready for the next one. It is very exciting I think:) love to you! Martina
Thursday 22 September 2016, 09:40:47
Hi arkhon! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I loved reading every bit of it! It is very much appreciated :-). It sounds as a very interesting journey you have been (and still are) going through. It looks like your soul have chosen the accelerated timeline of ascension :-D. Cherish your powers, they are a beautiful gift from source energy. I think if you accept your powers and you don't let yourself be affected by the criticism of others, this will clear your blockages for the energies to flow freely. And don't worry about your parents or other people in your environment. They will know and accept these things when they are ready. Everybody is developing on its own pace. My family wouldn't understand it either, so I simply share my experiences with like minded people and try to support my family on a level that suits them best. I also have had (and once in a while still have) many flying and powerful telekinetic dreams. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use my latent telekinetic powers (yet), haha. But things change, and the changes are speeding up lately, so who knows what will unfold on our path of awakening :-). And just like you I've experiences some OBE's years ago. What an awesome experience, indeed :-). These are truly amazing times we are living in, and I'm grateful to be alive in this moment of "time". By the way, since last Monday I've been feeling the energies building up and they're very intense.. these energies are very potent in triggering something amazing.. They are much more intense than the previous energy waves we've experienced so far. Are you also feeling these energies building up? I wonder how you experience this. Anyway, enjoy the energy waves in these exciting times :-D.
Thursday 22 September 2016, 14:07:23
[deleted user]
yes I feel the energies building up too . I always feel it like this that I am more sensitive and open. I can sense things more than and you bet then that energies have changed just like now:) Anyhow I feel the love is way stronger now so everything is alright:) I cannot share with my family either only my sister:) I feel very happy to be able to share my experiences here. I always feels so understood:) So biiiig thank you to all of you and loads of lovefrom me to you
Thursday 22 September 2016, 20:55:21
Hi everyone! I greatly enjoy all of you sharing these experiences. It brings me lots of joy and hope! One reads so many contradictory information
One some times wander if is just another plot to control or the truth. When i hear your experiences, makes me feel warm and a feeling of well being comes to me! Thank you!
Once i read that when God wants to give you a "present", he "presents" you with the opportunity to help somebody! Notice that the present we receive is the same word meaning " the present time" So I guess it means gives us the chance to live and experience in the present! Furthermore, when you help somebody in need, not only the person being help benefits for the action, the person executing the help receives a strong feeling of well being and Love, happiness etc. But also the beings being witnesses of the help receive a degree of those feelings felt from the excecutor. It actually behaves like a waive! So the energy generated by the action spreads outward and touches everyone! So you guessed it! The more of us that help or do god to others, yes God to others, the more of us that will awake. Perhaps we should think in coming together and help others in our communities, cities, randomly, anywhere! Much Love to All!
Friday 23 September 2016, 13:40:51
[deleted user]
thank you heart!You are absolutely right, beautifully said!
Friday 23 September 2016, 19:41:59
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