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Im not sure if i have done this right, I [...]

Beaconsfield, Tasmania
via Ubuntu Planet
Im not sure if i have done this right, I came across a bottled water clip that I found interesting,. thought I would share, hope it works
hey, water with ph 10 is even bad for you skin, don`t drink it!
Thursday 18 August 2016, 19:52:50
I think things are better here in the UK most "say" about 7ph, i'm thinking I should check
Thursday 18 August 2016, 21:14:14
Just to add I can't afford to but bottled water. But I have taken to adding a lump of silver to my tap water. I think this works, my cats will not drink tap water but will drink this ???
Thursday 18 August 2016, 21:16:26
the ph alone dose`t say something of the water quality.
Thursday 18 August 2016, 21:52:19
your right David but it an very important aspect of it!
Friday 19 August 2016, 09:50:46
hey if you live in a intact ecosystem spring water is usually the best!
pet bottles contaminate the liquid with hormone active substances.
and tap water mostly contains chemicals like chlorine ...
if you can`t have spring water you can use a water filter (active carbon + sediment)
if possible use glass bottles or bpa - free bottles (like nalgine...)
good to drink water thats ph neutral (around 7)
its important to drink good and plenty of water!
we are mostly water!
be happy and drink good water
Saturday 20 August 2016, 20:12:42
thanks for the feedback. I live on quite a large property with only rain water tanks so I think we are ok. Im ashamed to say i was buying bottled water...not anymore. Besides what it does to our beautiful planet
Monday 22 August 2016, 16:41:24
hi! i was watching a documentary about Tasmania they say you have the cleanest air in the world! it comms from argentina over 10`000 miles of ocean en between!
cheers! :-)
Monday 22 August 2016, 20:49:00
Yes a very beautiful place with very clean air....lots of trees and plenty of room
Sunday 28 August 2016, 13:36:30
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