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A friend in Washington County, Florida, has offered up his [...]

Rockford, Illinois
via The Freedom Cell Network
A friend in Washington County, Florida, has offered up his property for a freedom cell homestead. It is a rural plot of land of about 10-15 acres and already has a small free range hog operation on it and one single family home. Let me know if there is any interest!
This is great. I'd like to see a confederation of such properties, so as we travel the country, we have places that are safe where we can stop, camp and contribute to while we are there. Knowing there are places that already subscribe to the Freedom Cell concept and all of the rights and responsibilities that go along with it is an awesome thing!
Saturday 20 August 2016, 18:34:48
That's brilliant , I got a property in Western Australia I been trying for years to get connected to such a network.
Wednesday 28 September 2016, 21:38:01
Hi there. I'm non-US citizen from far away, but looking to leave my country to either start- or join a Cell. What's the status at your end now?
Sunday 8 January 2017, 22:10:55
Cool ,I'm new to Rockford area and freedom cells we should talk.
Sunday 15 January 2017, 06:01:03
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