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Video demonstration of prototype Keshe [...]

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Video demonstration of prototype Keshe…
kenneth g
So he showed 5 minutes of some appliances running but no generator..... HUH??
Thursday 18 August 2016, 03:52:32
It would be nice if the Keshe group would demonstate and release some of their free energy devises freely. By allowing anyone the opportunity to build the over- unity devises they claim to have would give them credibility and more importantly it would allow the beginning of a free energy movement to start among regular everyday people.
Thursday 18 August 2016, 04:12:03
Eduardo Souza
How to ride? share with us .
Thursday 18 August 2016, 19:47:15
[deleted user]
It's the first time, after looking for a demo through many Keshe videos, that I see a Keshe devise in working mode. I wonder what's the cause of so many disturbances, deceipt and delay, communication problems and chaotic organisation. There seems to be some sort of unbalance or maybe untruthfulness, present in the Keshe energy workings.

I'm not saying that Mr. Keshe and the principles of his free energy devices are wrong, for I believe it works. Though I'm not in favor of using subtances from our blood or skinflakes, making it work. It doesn't resonate with my concept of human abilities to create. I like to think there are other ways to free up this energy.

I've read that Ebay has some of Keshe's devices for sale. It's some sort of belt, wellspoken of for its beneficial effect, as far as several users reported.
Monday 22 August 2016, 16:09:37
kenneth g
I quickly lost interest in Keeshe. Although, I do cheer them on, something just don't smell right. I'm involved with MMS ( ) and we want EVERYONE to know ALL our secrets
Tuesday 23 August 2016, 17:22:59
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