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I spoke to a lawyer on Sunday and she confirmed [...]

Gosford, New South Wales
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I spoke to a lawyer on Sunday and she confirmed that promissory notes don't work. She knows a colleague who got into a lot of trouble by using them. Further to that, I told her about Canon and Maritime Law and she doesn't believe that courts use that. I'm on fence about courtroom proceedings, but I'll take her advice and not become a sovereign citizen. From what I've heard, it seems too risky.

I'll also add that, I noticed that only my surname on my birth certificate was in capital letters. I don't get it. Am I half dead? Is it worth it to get a live birth certificate or is this whole sovereign thing just a scam?
I've gone down this road. It's not a scam, but it is trouble. It will suck up your life with lots stress and worry. The main thing to gain from it is the discovery of your own power, and that we live in a modern day slavery system. This is what this movement exposes. But there is no magic bullet. And the slave masters are not going to give you your freedom without you taking it back. And I don't think you/we can do this without doing it with a large group of other people.
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 22:44:31
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