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British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
Great video - like the science and spiritual mix. Really interesting information. Thanks
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 07:51:28
research it you will be amazed .
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 07:54:32
i think kids could get a good half of their homeschooling from spirit science videos alone- or just replace their violent mind numbing cartoons with it
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 08:17:51
Teachers should be teaching kids in schools with real science and real geometry and how the world really works instead of learning the bullshit they teach . and programmed to follow the system .
( Teachers ) ?
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 08:39:03
cool to help us see that there is far more then we can imagine!
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 09:14:03
Totally, children are not taught the true nature of reality but a fake version
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 09:18:43
teachers grew up thru the same indoctrinating system just the same and further conditioning to gt their teaching degree- doesn't apply to all teachers and there are good ones who know better and do try to work their way around the ridged curriculums.. but the cycle continues for the masses until the system is exposed and corrected so that the truth is respected..
another great 4 part series about sacred geometry, fractals and other insights of creation is called inner worlds, outer worlds::…
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 12:06:25
nod, nod awakenyamind
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 12:15:06
Great video Awaken , I will watch the other parts . Thanks
Wednesday 17 August 2016, 02:15:59
most welcome fellas
Wednesday 17 August 2016, 09:02:38
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