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Hi All, Not exactly sure how this works but have [...]

Port Henry, New York
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Hi All, Not exactly sure how this works but have been trying to find others who are interested in the "legal" side of things. I have a true faith in the real court system and have a case on court right now that has been and is quite enlightening as to how the structure is being manipulated. I'm finding many ways for folk to avoid unpleasantness there, but am unwilling to let them off the hook that easily, hence my suit for contract fraud. Guess I should find a picture to put up as I look like I'm a non-entity. What are your thoughts/actions?
I thought this posted only to the circle. So the difference is what? Just a tad confused.
Thursday 3 September 2015, 12:49:32
Mat Dowle
No problem Amanda. You did post into the circle. I'm still working on the circles feature, but for now everything from all circles comes up on the main feed.
Thursday 3 September 2015, 13:05:46
Thanks, I've been wondering how it would work and hoping as we join specialized circles the Full Circle won't lose access to information gained within the separate circles. Tricky. Maybe there can be 2 post buttons- one to the main site and one to just the specific circle?
Thursday 3 September 2015, 13:16:53
Mat Dowle
I have a plan - just need to find time to get it done.
Thursday 3 September 2015, 13:23:57
And I bet it's a good one! Really enjoying this work in progress. I'll hope for another rainy holiday.
Thursday 3 September 2015, 13:26:24
Mark R
Amanda, you are one person that I would love to have a phone conversation with! Let me know if you are up for that. I am in St. Louis.
Thursday 3 September 2015, 17:08:32
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