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From our friend Benny Wills of Joy Camp : I was [...]

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From our friend Benny Wills of Joy Camp :
I was encouraged to share this publicly. It’s a short essay I wrote in response to the question, “what other form of government do you propose?” Considering I vehemently oppose this election, the left - right paradigm, and the corporatocracy posing as democracy in this country.
* * *
To me, the goal or the long-range objective for mankind is self-governance. To assume we are incapable of achieving such a goal, where no government reigns or has any authority over the people, greatly underestimates the potential of the human race. But of course, that’s just my opinion. And we’re obviously a long way from that idea becoming a reality.
I believe that evil is much more of an anomaly than people think it is. I’ve had the **privilege** of travelling all over the world in the last eight years, and you know what I’ve discovered? Good, kind, loving people. Everywhere. America included. People who are nice and ready to be nicer. In essence, I see people desperately (and quietly) yearning to have their hearts unlocked and unleashed. I’ve come to the conclusion that human beings are, by nature, friendly. As a result of the twisted brainwashed culture of fear and scarcity that’s been drilled into our collective psyche, we as a species are afraid to trust each other and embrace our true nature. We’re given very strict and conditional freedom in which to realize our potential… because we’re constantly forced to deal with money. It’s an anxious, status, dollar driven world where people are afraid of being judged or ridiculed (or bankrupt or homeless) for having less zeroes in their bank account than the guy next to them. Our definition of success is all skewed. We are erroneously mislead into believing that financial wealth, material gain, and fame are what define success. This is a direct manipulation of our consciousness, a spell if you will that we’ve been tricked into accepting. But it’s an illusion.
We all basically want the same things in life - love, companionship - we want to laugh with our friends, or dance, or sing, talk, fuck, share, have fun, experience beauty and joy, etc. etc. etc. We want to spend time together. We want to create stuff and build stuff, play games, tell stories, help each other out and so on. True success isn’t reaching the top of the financial ladder, or living in a mansion and having a luxury car. True success is friendship. It’s personal evolution and enlightenment, and becoming the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Slaving away at a job that helps nobody and makes money for someone else is not woven into our DNA.
But I digress....
Government. You want to know what kind of government I think would be a suitable or realistic alternative to the one we already have in place. Well… given the circumstances I guess we could give actual democracy a try. Problem is, I think there are two major obstacles standing in the way of that experiment (and freedom/ peace/ harmony in general), and they are; tyrannical world government and the economic model. So in order to implement an actual, by definition “democracy”, we’d have to address these two problems first. How do we do that? Well, we can start by utilizing the system we already have in place and arrest all the criminals posing as “leaders” (from around the world), and take them to the International Court of Justice where they can be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity. We’d include former “leaders” as well, so George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and the rest wouldn’t be off the hook.
And then they’re disposed of… and the American government as we know it is gone. Hallelujah! But where would that leave us? Would our infrastructure crumble and collapse into a post-apocalyptic, Walking Dead type nightmare? Maybe, but it wouldn’t have to. I mean, we’d still have things like electricity, running water, and the internet after all. There just wouldn’t be anymore missile-loving psychos in office. Sounds pretty good to me.
At this point we’d be a half step away from attempting a true and honest, transparent democracy for the people by the people. We’d just have to address that one other gigantic, elephant in the room first; the economic model. Oy. This one’s tough. The economic model is, at its core, anti-life. It values balancing the books over making sure everyone has food to eat. It’s about maximizing profit and limiting the work force. It is an awful man-made construct that is literally destroying the world beneath our feet. So how do we move away from it? How do we let go of the idea of money? Because it is just an idea after all. I’m probably gonna catch hell for this, but whatever - Money is not real. It’s just another belief system. If we stopped believing in it, it would go away. Money is debt. Debt is money. It’s all an illusion - greasy pieces of paper that we assign value, but mostly just numbers on a screen. The healing that’s necessary for our world won’t occur until we finally abandon this grotesque anti-life monster of a system. Unfortunately though, that’s probably not going to happen for awhile because, well, people aren’t ready for it. Humanity isn’t mature enough yet to let go of the concept of money. We’re in too deep….
Again, I digress…
There is no quick fix, no easy solution to the conundrum at hand. Therefore it is impossible for me to propose another form of “government” to replace the one we’re stuck with now… until we address the real problems that are destroying our world inside and out. We are enduring what I refer to as a ‘long con’ by the opposition. A master plan. Therefore we have to think like they think. Slow and steady with long term objectives. Like I said, self-governance, true freedom, is the ultimate goal, but it’s going to take baby steps to get there. Occasionally there may be leaps, hopefully lots of them, but for now, small ones are fine. Small ones like taking a stand against this phony election. In fact, I’m changing my stance. I will vote in this election for ANYONE but Hillary or Trump. Neither one of these clowns are going to make anything better for anybody. And if you’re someone who's afraid of your rights being taken away if Trump is elected (which he won’t be), then I encourage you to pretend as though you’re already living in that perfect democracy. Because in a real democracy, YOU have the final say on your rights and what passes as “law”. If the politicians in office try and take your rights away, you’re allowed to stand in your own power and say, “No.” And if everyone said No together, the legislation that’s in violation of your rights would not pass. Period. Stop giving your power away to these chuckleheads.
… Or maybe I’m wasting my breath. Maybe we’re just food for something else. Maybe we’re not at the top of the food chain like we thought, and our energy is actually being harvested and siphoned off by hyper-dimensional beings… and that that’s the real reason why everything’s all fucked up… Maybe...
But what do I know? I’m just a privileged straight white male conspiracy theorist…
* * *
Love to all.
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Here is one of their many intelligent satires…
Sunday 14 August 2016, 10:33:27
nice post Lula- you're on a roll these days!.. you got me hooked on these guys earlier this summer (thanks!) and it was nice to read Benny's thoughts which i highly resonate with
Sunday 14 August 2016, 11:22:46
Great-there will be more from Benny- he is a really soul-FULL person with a great deal to speak about and the Resonance is high... watch this space
Sunday 14 August 2016, 11:59:12
[deleted user]
Well said. Money is the One Religion to Rule Them All and has brought out the worst in humanity. It is the ultimate Devil's counterfeit as people are drawn to it by the greed factor of materialism and owning stuff, but ignore the long term consequences such as wielding of power over others, creation of crime, social-economic class warfare, and warfare and the evils that accompany it.

'Why do we have to pay to live on the planet we were born on?' - Alex Collier
Monday 15 August 2016, 13:54:05
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