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Apocalypse and Tomorrows Journey. Twenty years into the 21st. Century and [...]

Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani
via The Full Circle Project
Apocalypse and Tomorrows Journey.

Twenty years into the 21st. Century and it should be clear to all who have any sense of awareness that humanity is in a state of change. Our ‘Brave New World’ that has throughout time been controlled by a few megalomaniacal families is set to irrevocably alter the human species. The ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of our trip have been kept occult, in other words humanities journey from hunter-gatherer to its present incarnation has been carefully and secretly directed by an Elite that feel so superior to the rest of the species that they believe that they have divine authority to manipulate the rest of us towards aims that we are not privy to.

To perceive the true situation that we are in at present takes an ability to literally ‘jump out of the box’! To attempt to get a comprehensive view of the human picture cannot occur if we believe in the illusion that we are a part of at present. That our civilization and more importantly its foundations are illusory must be acknowledged before we can accept any truths that may well fly in the face of our present world-view of reality!

Luckily with the advent of Quantum Physics many theories have been posited that are pushing our ideas about ourselves and our Universe in directions that appeared to be simple fantasies even in our recent past. Theories such as the ‘Holographic Universe’ that Gerard’I Hoot originally proposed was taken on by Quantum Physicists and String theorists such as Charles Thorn in 1978 and fleshed out by Leonard Schumann. This theory for example proposed that we exist as two dimensional particles of information that perceive a three dimensional Universe that in reality does not exist except as light. Taking this theory to its ultimate we might theorize, and some do, that we are in fact data that exists in a computerized simulation, a holographic simulation.

Another Quantum theory suggests that we create our own perception of the Universe and that without our inclusion into the formula that is reality for us there would be no Universe as we have come to believe exists! These two scientific theories and many more that push the once accepted view of our reality now permeate our society through the auspices of Hollywood and other mass media. This newly awakened ability to grasp concepts that contradict our programmed world view has allowed many theorists a new podium! In my first book “I-Magi-Nation (the Divine Chess Game)” I have attempted to introduce the reader to a comprehensive picture of the occult structure that quietly directs humanity towards an aim that will amongst other things destroy our species. This journey is said by its progenitors to be divinely inspired i.e. it is Gods Work!

Without understanding what this ‘Work’ consists of and its goals we continue to live lives that have no meaning. We simply labour in jobs that in general we do only because we get remunerations that we need to survive within the society that has been built for us – and then we die! Sure we might think that we are doing more with our lives but for the majority of human – beings life is simply something that we get through. The idea that there is some wonderful spiritual journey that we are on is just that – an idea! The masses in general don’t have the time to be on a spiritual path as they only have time to work, eat and sleep the remaining hours in the day most spend staring at a two dimensional screen that projects light (TV, mobile or Computer).

So, are we really only a species that are no more special that the rat or the cat? Are we that stupid as a species that we cannot even see the insanity that we are a part of? That we spend most of our lives chasing numbers so that we can procure that next new fancy trinket that has hit the market place is proof of our insanity yet due to psychological grooming we will create a gob-smackingly convoluted fantasy to perpetuate our complicity in the human asylum!

Opening our eyes just a little should allow us to see that the very foundation of what we call society or civilization is nothing more than a virtual matrix that only exists due to us being programmed. Many well meaning and in my view great people are coming up with ideas for a sustainable future, working on perma-culture or other brilliant concepts that in an ideal future would be absolutely necessary if humanity were to continue inhabiting this planet. Sadly, all of this work will come to nothing if the root causes of our situation are not dealt with and eradicated!

Let us place in our minds what that true situation is – on the surface we have corporate led destruction of our planet conveniently dressed up as ‘climate change’ that the global population and not the elite are blameworthy. This means that the entire U.N. sustainable projects like Agenda 2030 are a scam that takes away the individuals rights and powers as the U.N. is a fascist organization run by Corporations and their Banking Masters to control and centralize power into the hands of a ruling elite. Next we have a financial system that is aiming to control every resource on the planet including you and me simply through mathematical parlour tricks. As far as the global population is concerned once cash has been eliminated all freedoms are gone yet everyone is dashing to get a new idiot phone becoming complicit in the move to end personal wealth! Think about thisonce there is no cash the human race will simply be slaves to the Banking families as the Banks will control every persons wealth, in other words no-one will have any wealthunless it is granted to them by the elite and that elite can take away any-one’s wealth by the action of pressing a finger on a keypad terminal!

Gmo’s are being pushed onto the global population without that populations consent! These mutated foods will cause irreparable damage to our own genetics yet Governments and corporations are insanely carrying out this obscenity. Geo-engineering is irreversibly changing our climate making it uninhabitable for life yet we are given green recyclable plastic bags so that we feel better whilst the monumental destruction of our eco-system is in plain sight.

Every Government on the planet is investing the global populations wealth to put every man, woman and child under mass surveillance using lie after lie to gain acceptance for their crimes. False-Flag operations cover the globe to keep the theatre of tension active by keeping humanity in a state of paralyzing fear. Mass-Media corporations feed lies and illusions to the people once again to keep us in a state of fear and also to program our world view so that we keep to the path desired.

I ask you, where is the revolution? What are we waiting for? Does anyone think that if they make a little community of people that are trying to do the right thing they will be allowed to see it grow into a vehicle for positive change?

We need positive non-compliance on a global scale and many are the times that I have written to people in the so-called alternative media to suggest that simply documenting the events is not enough. I have put forward the idea that all of the alternative media should loosely unite and bring their followers together so that we have a massive body of people that could theoretically bring down the elite through major acts of civil disobedience. As of yet I have not received one reply from any of the alternative media so I am under the impression that in general everyone is content with the present situation as long as they can function and buy that new idiot phone.

Even in the ‘full circle’ community when I have pushed the idea that we need to get rid of our bank accounts with a view to creating the first step towards a new system I receive no mass agreement in fact only one or two people even comment.

If I tell you now that the next manipulated evolutionary step for humanity is under way and that everything that I have mentioned in this article is a part of creating that evolutionary step what will you say? There is an occult plan behind what is perceivable to all of us and that occult agenda is to manipulate the human race into an evolutionary move that will take away all of what it means to be a human-being. Gone will be choice, freedom, emotion and even the sexes! As written in the ‘Secret Doctrine’ by Helena Petrova Blavatsky published in 1880 –

“The fifth root race (all five root races being created through Divinity or Divine Agents) will create without the aid of Divinity the sixth root race. The sixth root race will be
androgynous and have no free-will”

If we would open our eyes wide we would see the steps being taken to create that ‘sixth root race. Little pictures separate us but the Big Picture should unite us as I can’t see how anyone would endorse what is being prepared for us and our children! Time to wake up and act I would suggest!!!
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