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Hello everyone. I'm a Construction Engineering student. I'm totally new [...]

Sulaymaniyah, Sulaymaniyah Governorate
via Ubuntu Planet
Hello everyone. I'm a Construction Engineering student. I'm totally new to this idea and I couldn't agree more about almost every aspect of it. The idea of a world without money has always been critical to me. I grew up thinking that it is impossible for life to exist without money. Is it because of the place that I live? Is it because I grew up in a middle class? all and many other questions have been my concerns. It is amazing to see people like you and I'm grateful about that. This place truly feels like home though I come from a place that is a total nightmare to literally most of you here. I feel a bit strange to be honest. Realizing that the nearest mind-like member from me is thousands of miles away is just frustrating. I hope that with time I could learn more from this community and connect more as well. Hope you all have a wonderful time!

Best regards from Iraq, Kurdistan.
Great to see the movement growing! The key is to be the lighthouse for those around you. Help them to see the invisible, the tyranny. At some point, this movement will hit a tipping point as we continue spreading the message.
Saturday 13 August 2016, 06:30:04
My brother the money is slavery. The system is designed to separate from each other. And no one thinking that something different is possible. Because we are so deep that we can not believe in other possibilities. We need only look at the ancient people they lived without money.
Saturday 13 August 2016, 17:19:46
It is hard to feel like you're the only one... same for many of us here to feel isolated, but you'll be surprised how many people resonate with this ubuntu philosophy; they're also looking for people like you, so you're fortunate in knowing more, you're meant to be the one to spread this movement. There wil come a tipping point when the critical mass is reached, already we are awakening in mass every day! Keep your spirit, your vibrations high, don't let this sytem and its money bring it down. Start an Ubuntu page on facebook and see it grow in numbers!
Saturday 13 August 2016, 22:27:32
Michael E. V. Knight
It is because we are ALL born into, raised, programmed, brainwashed and indoctrinated in a fake, fraud, scam, con job, free range slave control system.

Watch the movie The Truman Show to get an idea of what that is like, Truman be-LIE-ved his life (SOCIETY) was real and just the way life is.

The ending is even funnier when you know what we know
Sunday 14 August 2016, 20:31:50
Michael E. V. Knight
Here is a url to share some of Michael Tellingers Ubuntu Contributionism videos:
Sunday 14 August 2016, 20:32:32
Barham M
Thank you all for your wonderful comments. The first time I heard about this idea I was shocked. It was so convincing that I instantly checked the results of the 2016 elections of the municipalities of South Africa. Nonetheless, I believe that there is definitely light on the other side of the tunnel be it today or in the far future.
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 21:37:32
Barham M
The funniest thing about its implementation is that it requires lots and lots of money. Such an irony!
Michael E. V. Knight, I've seen that movie and it is definitely a great example.
Tuesday 16 August 2016, 21:41:29
Michael E. V. Knight
We can save a ton of money by spending as little money as possible, working TOGETHER and SHARING and use those savings to transition to Ubuntu Contributionism. Here is a transition post i made for another group, just replace the word Hybrid with Ubuntu:…
Wednesday 17 August 2016, 05:09:25
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