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Friends, the drowning of 80 of our brothers and sisters [...]

Kendal, Cumbria
via The Full Circle Project
Friends, the drowning of 80 of our brothers and sisters (many of whom were very young children) trying to escape from the horrors of Syria and Palestine is something we can't ignore and must act to stop. A petition is being brought by a group of UK citizens to the Home secretary (Teresa May) to demand the government gives immediate sanctuary to refugees fleeing from war and violence at least while their longer term futures can be decided. The UK has the power to do this but right now our governments are just building fences. The petition is nearing 100,000 and press will be informed ahead of trying to push it to parliament. Please help and add your voice to ours....make it so loud they cannot ignore it!…
most of it (immigrants, allah soldiers, sleepers, refuges) yup most possibly everything mixed together, are now towed to my country Serbia, weak after ex yugoslav wars, poor and decimated country with puppet government that like taking pictures with immigrants for camera and propaganda television while at the same time their own native nation is closing onto extinction in probably same condition that these refuges are running away from (except the open war) of course humane EU talking rights and shit is not letting them in but will dump that in serbia that can't hold even own residents but who cares/?...
Wednesday 2 September 2015, 18:51:36
Maks I am so sorry that (the politicians that run) my country (the UK) shirks it's responsibilities whilst allowing yours to shoulder the burden... The vast majority of the people do not support this and know it is not right and that is why we, the people are pushing back on them via such actions as this petition (and writing to our own MPs and organising grassroots support for affected countries who are taking all the traffic). It is not perfect I know, and yes many media outlets and governments use images and tricks to twist
things but more and more wake up and see past this every day.. that that is something. xx
Friday 4 September 2015, 10:38:03
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