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I have something I'd like to share but have no [...]

Carlisle, Cumbria
via The Full Circle Project
I have something I'd like to share but have no real, hard, concessive and conclusive proof or YouTube link to back up what I'm saying.
This information came to me through discernment and intuition.
Anything you come across, and I mean ANYTHING, wether it be a famous battle, an ancient dynasty, a fossil or an astronomical timeframe.
If it is dated before 1500 AD it should be assigned as unreliable information.
There is NO scientific dating method that does not include an assumption.
All history and therefore our paradigm of chronology is a relatively modern man made construct.
The axis of the Earth has moved rendering ancient constructs to the celestial bodies useless for dating purposes.
I just needed to get that off my chest.😀
Fossil dating is unreliable; I heard of dolls (toy) getting fossilized in a matter of days. I'm skeptical about "pole shifts" though, because it would mess up the pyramid and sphinx direction, namely due east, won't it?
Friday 12 August 2016, 01:35:58
Dawid J
1500? I would say we can't trust any history. Why? Because we can't even trust the news. How can we trust any history? For example what is being told about WWII and what reality was are 2 completely different things. The same with dropping nukes on Japan or invasion of Vietnam, all the shit happening in the Middle East, etc. How can we trust anything?
Friday 12 August 2016, 05:26:19
I was being generous at 1500 AD, probably more like 1550-1650 AD. The Sphynx does indeed face due east and therefore was likely built after the last axis realignment.
I understand your scepticism of 'pole shift', it is difficult to imagine how such a thing can happen.
These events seem to have happened many times in Earths past or so geological data would suggest.
They are caused by gravitational, as well as electrical interaction's with the planet due to the close passage of large celestial bodies, comets.
Friday 12 August 2016, 09:59:49
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