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Just listened to a great interview with Eileen and Biofield [...]

Holly Springs, North Carolina
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Just listened to a great interview with Eileen and Biofield tuning. Great intersection between biology and energy fields. She has lots of experience is located in Vermont!

What is Biofield Tuning?
Biofield Tuning is a unique non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body. Biofield Tuning was developed by pioneering researcher and practitioner Eileen Day McKusick and is based on her 20 years of clinical inquiry into the Biofield Anatomy. It is a simple, non-invasive, and efficient method that can produce profound and powerful outcomes
Thank you for your contribution.
Tuesday 9 August 2016, 17:35:13
Allison D - UBUNTU USA Education Ambassador
I really love her work and would love to attend a workshop one day!
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 00:33:16
It would be great to have her and a few of those she has worked with come to the Vermont weekend in September, they are so close by in Burlington!
Thursday 11 August 2016, 15:04:36
Loving this! <3
Sunday 25 September 2016, 19:00:43
She came and presented to us at the Bolton Valley Vermont event at the Lotus Lodge Inn. It was a great presentation and a group healing/meditation. She hosts large group events on-line throughout the year so you can sign up on her website
Tuesday 4 October 2016, 19:26:56
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