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HANGOUT with us Wednesday 10th 12 midday CET/11am BST for [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
HANGOUT with us Wednesday 10th 12 midday CET/11am BST for focus on respectful offering of Kambô and Rapé Medicine (see previous posts) and THURSDAY 11th AUGUST, times below. Be welcome to join us in the FCP Hangout for free-range discussion and brainstorming session. We aim to make this a regular meeting space for all members to exchange and engage in live, respectful and exploratory debate. Watch this post 15 mins before stated times for details of how to join us via google hangouts. Times PDT 13hrs/BST 21hrs/AEST 06hrs Fri. The sessions are live, but we will keep private status unless the topics covered are valuable to a wider audience. See you there! All suggestions welcome. We want to mix some free-range sessions with more focused hangouts with specific guests invited to help define the most effective steps we can take in our lives...stay tuned, and check out the symposium page to listen to the latest hangouts. In Lak'ech
yo, trying to study some material for the discussion- found this link for Kambo practitioners people can find around the globe..…
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 09:41:29
join us here NOW.... click on link and follow simple instructions to discuss more about Rapé and Kambô- miraculous Medicines for these times…
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 10:50:16
thanks to those who joined today to take these Medicines forward and bring to our attention. These allies are definitely calling us to communicate their teachings, wisdom and healing powers. Gratitude to those tribes taking care for so long while our backs have been turned. Now coming back to face the right direction again, and stand together with our ancestral lineage. Aho. Links as mentioned in the hangout:…;
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 18:02:29
sweet! thanks for the links and the informative discussion.. i also noted a few other key words that i'd like to know more about: Mappacho,
Forza, Catapina & Sapo.. gonna order a few snuffs & make a sacred pipe in the meantime
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 22:28:13
cool- you are so welcome and thanks for your considered input D Mapacho is the traditional Amazonian Tobacco and is a Sacred visionary Medicine in its own right. Extremely powerful and commands great respect. Working with pure Tobacco (nicotina rustica) in this way can really heal any 'sour' relationship with what is called 'tobacco' in the west. Forca is basically Brazilian for 'strong'- here used with the Rapé blends. Katukina is the name of a tribe and also the folks we mainly order with; Sapo is occasionally used for Kambô but the spanish name for frog is actually 'rana' and 'sapo' is toad. I think in the reference we made, this would be the Sonoran Desert Toad from Mexico who carries the 5-MeO-DMT and is a Mighty Medicine and deserves a hangout of its own. I'm seeking to get an interview with Dr Gerry who has investigated this fellow thoroughly. My own experience is beyond Divine <3. It can be shocking to those not having some experience with the Sacred Medicines and/or some inner-work...but, its all Good Medicine for these Times and highly recommended in the appropriate environment with a caring person who serves..... its basically a chance to 'die' consciously and hence see death as it REALLY is (and Life!) and not as we are lead to believe. Well, well, well... the ultimate 'fear' is unfounded.... The Greatest Cosmic Joke ?¿
Wednesday 10 August 2016, 22:56:18
ahh, you're the best Lula! i'll be looking forward to delving into the sacred knowledge and journeys in these practices.. much gratitude is the attitude! ah yes, THAT joke- possibly the greatest, sure.. creation has an ineffable sense of humor
Thursday 11 August 2016, 07:59:29
Looking forward to the Hangout this evening. Suggested focal topic is " The 'truth movement' what next? What has it's impact been and is it over? " ...along with anything else that may come to light <3. As usual, we will post the link 15 mins before the stated time ; just click and follow instructions. You can join later too- you do not need to be there at the beginning... just drop in for a while. In Lak'ech, Louise
Thursday 11 August 2016, 17:51:40
the link and follow simple instructions to join. You can join/drop out at any time while we are there, or leave questions etc in the chat box.. blessings…
Thursday 11 August 2016, 20:45:20
Thanks so much for that lively and interesting chat in the hangout. You will find it embedded in the Symposium page by tomorrow.. as well as the recent one on Sacred Medicines, Rapé and Kambo. hasta la vista :-)
Thursday 11 August 2016, 22:45:34
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