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Life makes it too easy to be happy. [...]

Lake City, Florida
via The Full Circle Project
Life makes it too easy to be happy.
do you think this works in paletine, syria, ukraine, most of africa and asia, south america? is this absolute for 1.5 billion without adequate water let alone food, shelter... and please feel free to tag me as negative for not biting into wishful thinking, apathy, karma, loa, and other constructs...
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 12:49:30
You are right Maks, everything you describe (and worse) is happening..and it is happening because we have allowed a parasitic elite to maneuver into the position they now hold. The challenge now is to come together and ascend.. this is how we spring the trap (for our sake and our brothers and sisters in worse situations). Some will do this with demonstration and resistance, some will do this spiritually - forget wishful thinking.. but we must not underestimate the power of positive projection to alter the course of things - if it is a mass shift of a collective nature, then it will be powerful indeed (why else would they need CERN).
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 15:01:35
in order to act with either compassion, or love, or any act of real change it has to be attached to truth. I m not fond of attachment and this attachment to truth is most elusive of all, even love if not attached to truth is fake, let along freedom without truth is slavery. During the war"" I mean at time and glimpses of my awakening I came to realize I did not come here to experience some sort of conditioned programmed comforted happiness, actually quite opposite, like path of Siddhartha, I came to shatter and will shatter anything in search for thy self, because if not self I cant do my part to ease the suffering of both inner and outer, can't find peace and don't want it as fake controlling order arises from chaos type of predatory decaying peace in defeat. I can't be defeated because I chose so, and it is up to me to say when it is over and it won't be, because my will comes from me not from my circumstances. some bid all that on perspectives, I take no standing points, my being is though favorable but not false and will paint truth black all the way to the source if that is the truth, but surrender never and give in to petty accomplishments of serving to controllers because of what glass of water and piece of bread? I came naked to this world and will leave such, both without shame.
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 15:15:24
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 18:10:33
Andrew B
Like what you say.. Lost rightnow,, Thanks
Thursday 7 January 2016, 02:26:52
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