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Hi Paul and everyone, Tom and Chris and Josh and [...]

Steels Creek, Victoria
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Hi Paul and everyone,

Tom and Chris and Josh and Robin and Elki from Christmas Hills here! How would Sun in two weeks out here suit? On the 21st of August? Late morning? It'll probably be a beYUUtiful day! We're at 2 Muir Rd Christmas Hills and would love to see again all you lovely folk we met on Thu and any others too of course! Perhaps i should send this on fb too...

Lots of Love, Tom Browning (& Co. ;))
Hi Tom, I've just joined Ubuntu. I'm in Lancefield VIC, would love to meet up if you have another get together
Tuesday 13 September 2016, 11:58:18
Hi Chloe, We've some great friends near Lancefield, the Scotts, Rob and Colita Scott, they're a few kms south of Romsey, their daughter Madeleine is an amazing free range chicken farmer, their place is called Hollyburton. I've built some tiny houses on the back of trucks with Rob. Anyway, this Sunday the Ubuntu Melbourne group are having our third little get together here at our little community at 2 Muir Rd Christmas Hills at 11am. Love to see you here, at this stage some of us want to dive in and come up with some community projects we can work together and enlist others to implement. Others are saying they'd like to take that slowly and first begin by getting to know each other more, our passions and skills. My number is 0409 422 880, Tom
Thursday 22 September 2016, 00:48:33
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