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I have just come across this and it is very [...]

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I have just come across this and it is very worrying. Palestine must be freed from the oppressive Israel!…
Everyone and I mean everyone in Israel does not recognize Palestine. They call it the West Bank. While I was there I learnt the problem is the occupation of the West Bank and citizens living in 'their' Palestine want a two state solution. I am not convinced. It's goes much deeper and a two state solution in my opinion will not work. Israel wants the West Bank gone and everyone in it. To me that was so obvious it would bring tears to your eyes.
Saturday 6 August 2016, 20:07:39
I once asked Arab villagers inside "Israel proper" whether they would move to a Palestinian state if such a thing would ever be created. Their answer was no. Why should they move to a different location from the village they inhabited for generations? Israel on the other hand claims that the East Bank of Jordan River is the Palestinian state, while the entire West Bank of the river is "theirs".
Saturday 6 August 2016, 21:14:34
East Bank from what I saw at Allenby Bridge is in fact the country of Jordan.
Saturday 6 August 2016, 21:28:51
If the prophesy of Ezekiel is to be believed, God and Magog invade the peaceful land to rob and kill (already fulfilled through the Zionist invasion), the allies of Mog and Magog (the US, the NATO, etc) will fight true Israel, and in the end, God's people will prevail... The question is who is "God's people"?
Saturday 6 August 2016, 21:37:21
Maybe the question is 'which God?'
Sunday 7 August 2016, 00:20:42
For Ezekiel, it's obvious. Good space aliens! (There are baddies too)
Sunday 7 August 2016, 02:50:44
No one should own land, we should just learn to get on with one an other !
Monday 8 August 2016, 16:26:35
I know it sounds harsh but try saying that to his lord and lady, a developer and governments. What can be done? Don't know I'm still learning.
Monday 8 August 2016, 16:30:49
I'd happily tell them to their face although they'd probably laugh at me! I guess the only way would ironically buy a lot of land and build an UBUNTU community and then forget the ownership1
Monday 8 August 2016, 16:34:40
Ironic indeed! You'd probably be buying off them and nowadays at a premium.
Monday 8 August 2016, 16:37:19
If only i had money !
Monday 8 August 2016, 17:04:06
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