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Podhorní Újezd a Vojice
via Ubuntu - Czech Republic
Mr. Michael WE LOVE U!!!! .....more WE NEED U!!!!!! ;))
Saturday 6 August 2016, 16:43:59
Michael, you are making your every hearthbeat count when grinding on, inspite the hurdles. As we all whom know that this is the way forward for as all. I encourage you, start a ubunut group in your community, Agree on a rotation when all member give a hand to other members. Organize community benefit events like collecting waste or cleaning out gardens or even mustering to help out "non ubunt" members of the community whom are in distress.
This is the way we plant the seed. It will take a while, but slowly and surely the seed will grow, benefiting the community and the founding factor of all communities, the family.
Teach the children that we do not need to live as slaves to the banks.
Saturday 6 August 2016, 23:07:06
Radka S
Petře, dej k tomu pár slov komentáře v češtině...
Sunday 7 August 2016, 20:43:20
Piero Pioneer of the Future
but do you think they do the election and count the votes truly and in the right way ??? we are dealing there with the cabal Michael and the cabal is not stupid...they know if u win just one election in a small town then the all system breaks down...lets be honest to ourself : we cant believe in election results for the simple reason that there is no election based on truly democratic foundations cause the cabal is very well informed about everything and they would never erlaugh a ubuntu win even in the smallest town cause this would be the end of the monetery please lets be hones to ourself the result of the election is just that what the cabal want to have not the truth and not that what the people really votet...
Monday 8 August 2016, 21:31:48
Radka S
Piero bude mít velkou pravdu... lidé jsou stále zastrašováni, to je "jejich jediná zbraň" bohužel stále ještě účinná....ale nevzdávejme to, neboť umírající hydra kolem sebe kope vždy nejvíce...
Tuesday 9 August 2016, 19:37:11
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