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I know this is old but it highlights the importance [...]

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I know this is old but it highlights the importance of recycling! Or just scrapping plastic totally, I mean do we really need it?…
Totally relevant even today if not more so. Our seas and oceans must have now suffered so much damage. There has to be a knock on effect. I suppose we do need plastic in our lives we just need to educated not to dump. Sad this.
Friday 5 August 2016, 19:11:49
And also to use the right one. I read an article a while back saying the only compound of it that does not leak toxins is plastic bags, makes you wonder. I feel we could do so much better options like this…
Friday 5 August 2016, 19:41:35
Really nice. Wish we had one around my area. Oh wait! That's given me another idea. Keep-um coming Equality333 Icould have an idea for a multinational corporation by the end of the night. That way I could then go out and screw everyone and purchase an island next to Branson's. Oh wait didn't the gods burn his place down in 2012. Maybe not such a good idea to screw customers around. Lesson for all corporations.
Friday 5 August 2016, 19:52:36
Great video . Equality .Did you know plastic was developed by the U.S. military because they needed something light weight instead of using metal for some equipment .
Saturday 6 August 2016, 03:57:09
no I didn't westwynd seems about everything bad come from the US military! Like it Phillpots! I'm sending this to my local MP i think lets get this moving
Saturday 6 August 2016, 11:56:29
Good to hear that. We all need to lose the fear to ask our MP's/politicians. I have one outstanding question not being answered, and I am now telling them they have to answer me. But the point is these officials need to know there are more and more people contacting them. They are after all public officials and we pay them to do a job for us.
Saturday 6 August 2016, 16:14:49
Email send to local MP asking why this can not be implemented, now awaiting a reply
Saturday 6 August 2016, 19:15:07
Nice one - more needed from everyone.
Saturday 6 August 2016, 19:57:09
She has replied and say she like the video and ideas ... "I will write to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs putting your points to her and request that she respond to them. I will write to you again once I have received a reply." I keep you updated
Monday 8 August 2016, 16:14:56
Great news
Monday 8 August 2016, 16:16:34
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