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I have a favor to ask of anyone who lives [...]

Savage, Minnesota
via Ubuntu - United States - Minneapolis, Minnesota
I have a favor to ask of anyone who lives in New York. You have a rare opportunity to participate in an historic event tomorrow at noon! Sibel Edmonds from has caught NBC in a lie that is so blatant it could potentially take down the whole main stream media. There will be a demonstration tomorrow (August 4th, 2016) at the NBC Headquarters at the Rockefeller Plaza at noon eastern time. Sibel is demanding a retraction and an apology from NBC and I believe this is a major tipping point on this planet. Take your lunch hour off and head down there to see the fireworks in person. For more information, read James Corbett's article here:…
Bruce S
Thanks Trygve, this should be very interesting.
Thursday 4 August 2016, 03:36:17
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