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An excellent interview with Sacha Stone about our false reality [...]

Victoria, British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
An excellent interview with Sacha Stone about our false reality . . 47 minutes…
Hey ww, thanks for this ! I'm making popcorn and pouring a cold beer to watch. It is sooo hot and humid out. 48 hrs ago, the max temp was 15C and now this. Anyway, I had a lightbulb moment earlier today. I'm going to get t-shirts and have print in large block letters : 2+2 = 4, not 5. What do you think ? Like some of us here, I avoid crowds like the plague now but it's summer and everyone is out so I'm going to get out and walk around with this on every chance I get. Family functions, gatherings, etc. The hope is that at least a handful of ppl might unglue from their pocket telescreens long enough to look up and ask what it's about. AND, it could be a way to attract the awakened ( I'm in need of a local support group ) if they've read the book. I've had so many good but crazy ideas on how to approach ppl. It's high time to leap, not step, beyond my comfort zone. I have another idea but too crazy to explain here. Will be meeting with an anti-smart meter group in Nova Scotia and will bring it up with them in person. It's time the gloves come off on this insanity that is 5G.
Friday 5 July 2019, 04:14:27
Please no microwaveable GMO popcorn and only beer with brewed with distilled water . Don't get to shit faced sagaia or you might fall and hurt yourself and be rushed to wi-fi infested hospital get pumped full of flu vaccines but that's ok cause if you have a bad reaction you can always stagger over to the porcelain god the toilets will soon have LED lights on them for better visual inspection and an APP on your smartphone for the flusher and soon a robot to wipe your ass with glysophate infested toilet paper and a smart TV to watch while clenching the handrail, but don't worry you can always call family from your smart phone ,cellphone reception is awesome there they have cell antennas on the roof .
That's great sagaia , t-shirts are a great way to get peoples attention and inexpensive . Most of us know by now being in a room filled cellphones and any wireless tech is like being in a microwave oven . And yes we all need to leap ,not step beyond our comfort zone . ( well said ). The world needs more people like you . Now if you will excuse me , I need to go smash some LED lights
Friday 5 July 2019, 23:01:10
LOL, hilarious ww. I'm pretty conscious on not unduly taxing my immune system these days. It was local non-gmo corn kernals, popped old-school style on the stovetop in coconut oil and sprinkled with salt and nutritional yeast, yum The (blueberry) beer is a local microbrew (Pumphouse), and it's a seasonal thing when it's super hot out (it was 39C with the humidity factored in, if you can believe Environment Canada, that is). First beer since last summer ! And I drink water before and after Would love to join in smashing LED lights. I finally installed "flux" on my laptop to get rid of the blue. Should have done it years ago. I'm looking at an LED streetlight as I write and I curse the thing every night when it comes on. I've called the utility twice to have it removed. Both times was told someone would call me back. That was six months ago. Thanks for the tip on avoiding hospitals. Our hospitals have antennaes on the rooftop as well. And as George Carlin would say, "nobody seems to notice; nobody seems to care". Now I need to go find an aimless adolescent who's willing to smash that streetlight !
Sunday 7 July 2019, 04:39:09
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