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Satire may be humorous and make you laugh, but it [...]

Trumbull, Connecticut
via The Full Circle Project
Satire may be humorous and make you laugh, but it is certainly not a joke. What Bill Hicks shared with us decades ago was not a joke, but rather was clearly prophetic.…
Bill Hicks reminds me of an Aussie comedian- Steve Hughes, both guys point out the absurdity of how this world is run. They make light of a very real situation- and to the asleep its all just jokes, but to those who are actually aware like myself, I find that Im not laughing at all.
Wednesday 8 June 2016, 04:21:31
ha, that's funny- this same video was reccomended on my youtube page 20 mins ago! haha, love me some Bill Hicks- this is a sweet video mix, thanx
Wednesday 8 June 2016, 09:37:56
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