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I am in the medical / health industry. We [...]

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I am in the medical / health industry. We must begin to break away from government and power and money. Money corrupts for sure and puts an end to growth and the health and welfare of the masses. Focusing on the broken political system is not the way to go in my opinion. Focusing on creating a working model community is. We MUST act now. If we focus on our food supply, we can make it but we must focus on food first so that we have nutrition to carry on. Here is why I make these claims. I am now launching my newsletter and these are two excerpts from it.

German filmmaker Bertram Verhaag, produced a documentary called, Scientists Under Attack. This is a must see movie that shows proof that GMO food is dangerous to consume. Similar to doctors that are “curing” diseases and being harmed for doing so, these scientists are under attack for their honest admissions about their findings.… or watch it for free here… Genetically engineered food offers NOTHING but hazards to humanity. BUYER BEWARE! You must be so careful of where your information comes from and what you believe to be fact. Do your homework and only follow trusted researchers, doctors and individuals that are not at the end of a corporate food chain.

Not convinced yet? GMOs impact every single one of us, every single day. Very few people even know what a GMO is. It is the hope of the producers that this film not only entertains but also sparks a dialogue about the future of our food, and inspires viewers to impact change. Buy or rent the latest documentary and get the findings on GMO foods now.…

Questions - comments - connect with me anytime. Thanks to all, Donna
Kirk the Leo
Thx Donna - we will be focusing on all aspects of self sufficiency...both political and non-political. The system is broke and much of what we do will be of our own creation. So I am glad for both those that are working outside and inside the system. Each reaches a different crowd. Please continue to run with your passion. We will support you fully. Best Regards, Kirk
Thursday 2 June 2016, 03:24:39
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