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Hi Ubuntu Minneapolis & Minnesota! I am co-founder of Ubuntu [...]

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Hi Ubuntu Minneapolis & Minnesota! I am co-founder of Ubuntu Planet, focussing on the community aspect of Ubuntu. Here to help and would love to hear about any community activations in your area. Wonderful to connect here and looking forward to sharing.
Louise - thank you for posting our Minneapolis UBUNTU C
ircle. Last time we traded emails was in march of 2015 when I was trying to convince you and Michael to do a conference here. I offered food and board but, I didn't have a group or any way to host a conference. Now, thanks to Full Circle Project, just look at our circle of 35 people all wanting to contribute! You are welcome to join our group even from 9076 miles away - we'd love to have your ideas in the mix.
Tuesday 31 May 2016, 19:20:14
Louise Clarke
Hi Trygve, yes I remember! Full Circle Project is fantastic - I absolutely resonate with everything they stand for and am in conversation with Louise Sutton on how to work together. Endlessly inspired by this beautiful co-creation. Keep striding! <3
Wednesday 1 June 2016, 08:11:33
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