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Personal Visitors with an interest to discuss and learn more [...]

Kingston, St. Andrew Parish
via Ubuntu - Jamaica
Personal Visitors with an interest to discuss and learn more about the UBUNTU Movement and principles of Ubuntu Contributionism, are Welcome to:
Our Informal Introductory Meetings and Activity Centre, located @:

The Ubuntu Round Table Bar
92 Molynes Rd,
Kingston 10
St Andrew
Tel: 1-(876) 544-3404 (WhatsApp)
Facebook Members Support Group:…

Musa Spencer Muirhead aka Solo
the ubuntu round table bar <3
Friday 27 May 2016, 12:52:43
Spencer aka Solo
Yes, the URT-Bar is located in a small Plaza complex, on a main street, with a very large gate entrance to a small but reasonable car park courtyard, populated with about 1/2 a dozen empty business spots on 2 levels. The URT-Bar is located just inside the entrance of the car park. A simple Zinc Roof Gazebo, over a large round open air Bar Counter. The Bar owner Mikey, is enthused with the Ubuntu concept and plans. He's agreed to start an Ubuntu Children's Free Lunch. Also will negotiate a cheaper rental with the Landlady, for any of the existing empty spots for official Ubuntu activities, e.g. private meetings for planning projects and Ubuntu Activity Centre. We initially aim to get WiFi installed, with a large Flat Screen TV, so we can display up to date Ubuntu Information along with other entertainments.
Friday 27 May 2016, 19:37:12
Spencer aka Solo
My 2nd still very friendly Ex-wife Shirley, is also struggling to run her own Bar, Pub44 in Spanish Town, about 20miles from me in Kingston. She is also enthused and excited with the Ubuntu program. Both bars are going through initial setup/startup and we need to develop an alternative income to promote our Ubuntu Jamaica Program of working to establish an Activated Community here. I aim to budget my pension and start ordering material from the Ubuntu Shop. I met with a new registered member Geoffrey last week, who lives just a few miles away. We are now looking to have some Generators shipped in very soon. Meanwhile I'm researching among many other things, how to construct and start building our own. Free Energy Generators are an attractive proposition here, compared to the proprietary Public Service and other available alternatives of expensive Solar and Turbine sources.
Friday 27 May 2016, 20:18:46
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