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Here's a rabbit hole no one seems to have noticed [...]

Meuzac, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes
via The Full Circle Project
Here's a rabbit hole no one seems to have noticed yet. The de population programme rabbit hole. I just spent 2 days refreshing my mind about agenda 21 and as before, i see no coherance in the depopulation bit. Sure all the stuff is there, gmo food, chemtrails, supermarkets placed ready to become green zones once the riots start..but look at it globally, yes there are blood baths programmed as sacrifices to babylon gods but in general they like to draw out the misery for as long as they can. I think the agenda 21 is ALL TRUE EXCEPT THE DEPOPULATION. They want to have as many of us dumbed down and locked down as possible. They feed off of our energy, and they like it at a certain frequency. Anyone else got the same gut feeling about this??
So you didn't mention the georgia guide stones which seems to be the new cliché cornerstone of the depopulation rabbit hole! haha- naw, i'm just kiddin'.. thanks for the post.. i think most people on here are quite privy to what you speak of.. There's also vaccinations and a highly fraudulent health care system for "treating" diseases and cancer to ring up the death toll.. I don't see this debate as black and white, i see what you mean but i think the powers that wish they'd be are satisfied with whatever collateral damage comes from their making.. and there's been way too much in the making for way too long- cop 21/agenda 21 is just another tentacle from the same octopus i feel, but it grinds my gears because this pertains to ecocide as well.. a lot to consider with this whole debate and its correlations..

so let's say that the matrix we live in is a decorated prison which is designed to be as you mentioned.. the prison guards would probably prefer to have a manageable size of "inmates". due to the fact that our population is increasing is probably why their attempts and control techniques are increasing too.. hope that makes some sense- my english has dropped since living in france
Friday 27 May 2016, 12:10:29
Andrew W
All makes perfect sense. Like you say, only shades of grey, and i totally understand the loss of language one time i had completely lost the ability to speak english.
Saturday 28 May 2016, 10:27:37
Andrew W
All makes perfect sense. Like you say, only shades of grey, and i totally understand the loss of language one time i had completely lost the ability to speak english.

Saturday 28 May 2016, 10:27:37
haha, c'est la vie
Saturday 28 May 2016, 17:15:54
Jessica Peissig
Maybe the enemy is manipulating our fear of death and increasing our dependency on medical and money system, and weakening us with all the illness and death effects going on. Some of the physical phenomena like cancer and chronic pain are effected on us in ways the naked eye can't see. Its not just what we think is causing cancer and chronic pain.

They have plenty of underground captives, fema camps, and off planet locations of captives too. I had wondered about this too, if our disturbed emotions is their food, why get rid of 3/4's the population? Maybe that is their projected promotion for the sake of our fear, because its our fear they're strengthening. Our fear and our shared agreement of assigning cause to matter, material rules and outside forces is the mental net we're being caught by. It's a mental net we're all going to be completely free of, and meanwhile it is lifting off individuals before we get to the day the veil and cover is off everyone.

Meanwhile, it's one green turtle of a game! I've been through a lot of sabotages of all kinds, one after the other, call it experiments. As it turns out, each experiment strengthened, expanded my spiritual awareness and ability to out create each situation into a good ending leaving me with a good story too. I relied very much on spirit.

Everything they've tried to physically effect with me got healed up usually within three days without medical help. Spirit, who we are, is senior to any and all so called laws of the physical world around us and our true mind is gigantic we all share of never ending creativeness straight from spirit and we can use it now. Dream big, dream huge.

Do you like spiritual freedom that Jesus used like providing food out of the blue, disappearing and reappearing, calming a storm and instantaneous healings where ever he went? He said in these times we would be doing the same and more. More then that. The green flag is up, we can move into these abilities now by using our intention and imagination for it.

And we have THE BEST of help. Example, I drove back to a satanic invested mtn city and valley to rescue two teen boys one night 24 years ago. I drove them half way over the Cascades and a UFO took us the rest of the way in a few moments placing us several hundred miles northeast closer to our destination. OK, I didn't realize we'd be needing an airlift, but one of the boys was scheduled to be ritual murdered that night.

The UFO disappeared us off the road and put us car and all gently down onto a road out in a large pot field. Immediately we had a police escort, one in front and an officers car behind us through the valley. By the time the enemy found us on their satelite we were in the middle of a police escort and the boys made it safe to Canada on an extra fun ride. There is a fun side too.

The main thing to remember as we go through this is that there is no death, everyone is still alive including the animals. And we'll all meet up later at a big celebration party! Just like actors after the play is done.

Saturday 9 September 2017, 18:16:33
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