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TO ALL !!!! If you know any musicians, singers CONTACT [...]

Blankenberge, Vlaanderen
via Ubuntu Planet
TO ALL !!!! If you know any musicians, singers CONTACT them and ask them if they would love to contribute a song for the Ubuntu CD we have started to create !!! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN !!! Music like nothing else can bring unity in our hearts !!! So its logical we make a Ubuntu CD !!! Make your contribution today, and contact Col, Qba or OZ to get access to the google drive on which we are collecting all music before it gets mastered onto the cd.
we started to work on a song. will get back to you when it's finished
Friday 27 May 2016, 15:56:21
Deleted User
So exciting Aila looking forward to it.
Friday 27 May 2016, 17:10:29
Piero Pioneer of the Future
sorry just for me to understand and why are you printing a CD for wich purpose ????
Saturday 28 May 2016, 10:35:13
hey piero the other day on live-chat we were exchanging songs with each other and with some people we came to the conclusion if anything unites people.. its music. So the idea arose to invite musicians to contribute a piece of music inspired by ubuntu and to compile them into a cd, a cd by the people for the people. its ubuntu in action, people using there creativity and talents for the benefit of all, of course the cd ( or cd-file ) will be handed out for free to all ubuntu members but we can also make some copy's and sell them in the ubuntu shop.. Allot of people around the world, when they hear about ubuntu, wanna start doing something, so after they spoke about ubuntu to there surroundings, joined the circle's closest to them, they can now help actively with contacting people to contribute to the cd.. its just a world project to unite musicians with a heart for ubuntu, made by us and not some giant corporation.. Why? because music unites people. Why? because we can show the world how ubuntu works when people use there talents to benefit the worldwide community. Why? Why not? Why? because musicians love to make music and aren't always able to be put on a cd because money stops them. Why? because with doing this multiple musicians with a heart for ubuntu can come in contact with each other. Why? because this way people can discover more people with a heart for Ubuntu... purpose? showing the world Ubuntu works.. Purpose? asking what's the purpose of this is like asking, what's the purpose of art.. Because people love to share there creativity with the world and we believe ubuntu can be a platform for that as well hope this answers your question, light love and creative unity Qba.
Saturday 28 May 2016, 12:29:14
Deleted User
The CD cover can be recycled paper and I have a good design with no plastic on the packaging
Saturday 28 May 2016, 12:32:20
Piero Pioneer of the Future
I am musician...and I left the music industry were I was working professionally because they didn't understand that recorded music has to be for free for everybody because for me as an artist the music I always wrote delivered and produced was always I repeat always for the people and so not my but belongs to the people therefore I created different stream sides especially on youtube to share my music or my mixes with the people for free...!!!! a CD implement one big problem...the way how it's created is not good for the nature and it has to be printed in a special frequency that is very very bad for us humans...this because the music industry is controlled by criminals that are more or less also responsible for the money if u can give an advise no CD please...we can share music on platforms like youtube or for free for everybody and easy to do...we really have to live and be the example for the rest of the world that all the things we do are not my or yours but belong to all and everybody...for me as an artist if somebody wants to have a song my this the most amazing feeling and the most appreciations that somebody can give me...there fore i have created this chanell go there i expalin also why 432 hz a frequency that its not possible to have on a CD or Vinly or any other standart tool to listen music...i convert all the music in the right frequency on this feel free to create also a ubuntu channell and share the music there it is easy and smart modern and world wide...;)))
Sunday 29 May 2016, 09:35:34
ok agree piero, the idea was originally to make a cd... more as in a collection of musicians with a heart for ubuntu to make a collective effort to bring out some music, away from the corporations, to show to the world we don't need the big industry, to make music known around the globe.. we weren't gonna use any big industry that is going to change or alter the frequency of the music. The idea was that everything would be created by ubuntu people on this site. the music file would be mastered by Col. or his brother. and then released as file. if people want it on cd they could burn it onto cd for themselves in there own home with there own computer. feel free to become part of the mastering process and convert the music to the 432 hz frequency and so contribute your piece in the making of a musical list made by and for ubuntu people. there are already multiple musicians working on this, we are collecting music on a google drive before we will master it in one whole. of course after that we can share it on YouTube and other channels as well but that would take away the option to sell it in the ubuntu shop ( as musical file - like the e-book) and so create an extra income for Michael.... and just a lose thought here, making books kills trees... should Michael stop writing books?
Sunday 29 May 2016, 19:07:10
Piero Pioneer of the Future
i can contribute on converting the music to 432 Hz...the only problem is you can't printed on cd than...:((( cause CD´s have to be in this frequency i was explaining before...
Sunday 29 May 2016, 19:41:00
hmmm okay... you won't be able to stop people from printing them if they want to do that in there own home tho :'(
Sunday 29 May 2016, 19:45:51
shame :(
Sunday 29 May 2016, 19:46:07
but thanks for your contribution mate MUCH MUCH appreciated !!! plz pic up contact with Col then he's the one that will master the music.. <3
Sunday 29 May 2016, 19:47:30
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