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My vision for an UBUNTU Planet - United States - [...]

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My vision for an UBUNTU Planet - United States - Healthcare Circle is a reality! I am desiring to coordinate - bring together, all the people in the United States, who have healthcare experience covering all specialties and/or modalities of healing.

This Healthcare circle is aligned with Ubuntu Philosophy found in the Ubuntu-Contributionism book. Guided by "The Unlimited Universe" sacred geometry, resonance, sound, energy, medicinal plants, and the list goes on & on..and so it is. Focused on obtaining wellness and living in harmony with self, others, and Gaia. If not, then it's just another version of what we already have.

Anyone that has healthcare experience or interest and resonates with the Ubuntu Philosophy is encouraged to join this circle. Complete your Ubuntu profile. Share what you do. If you know of something that you feel can help heal the people share it! As the Ubuntu communities are being formed the Council of Elders and the people of the community can see what Healthcare resources/practitioners are available and you may be asked to join or help. The possibilities are unlimited!

In resonance & unity,
Sylvia Byrd
Healthcare Ambassador
Cat Sun
Oh Silvia! Makes my heart pitter-patter! Thank you! 💗
Thursday 26 May 2016, 01:54:49
Sylvia, way to step up! Let us know when you form a circle and we'll send you people with progressive healthcare
Thursday 26 May 2016, 14:17:30
Blessings to us all and this site!
Thursday 2 June 2016, 16:11:11
Kari H
I'm one of the growing number of new members to the Healthcare Circle (…) and I'm really excited to be part of this group. I look forward to collaborating with you all.
Friday 3 June 2016, 17:20:46
Just found this circle and am so excited. Would be happy to contribute my knowledge and experience. Am working a lot with essential oils these days. I so believe we will be healing with resonance and energy in the future and would love to explore these areas! 👏😀
Sunday 5 June 2016, 13:28:32
Welcome Lilskyfarm! We are so glad you found this circle! I will be in touch and my e-mail address is [email protected]
Monday 6 June 2016, 02:35:09
Kari H
Thanks again for your time today talking with me! I was just telling my local circle that I'm even more revved about Ubuntu after talking to you. I think I mentioned that our local circle is meeting this coming Saturday, and I'll be sure to mention this Healthcare Circle if Trygve doesn't beat me to it. The more people I talk to, the more excited I get about being a part of this collaboration. Thanks Sylvia!!
Monday 6 June 2016, 03:20:48
Kari Thank you for talking with me. It was very uplifting to share and get to know each. I encourage everyone to get to know each other, step out and make that contact.
Tuesday 7 June 2016, 02:33:02
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