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I wanted to present an UBUNTU Podcast. I've been in [...]

Central, Utah
via Ubuntu - United States
I wanted to present an UBUNTU Podcast. I've been in touch with Starr and Kat and we are excited about putting this together.

This is in the very early stages but I wanted to throw a couple things out to our wonderful community so we can get them in the works.

Name the show : If anyone has ideas for names for the show comment below.

Please email myself ([email protected]) to submit content for the following stuff. I can't wait to see what we get back! You will be recognized by name for your contribution at the end of each episode in the credits.

Graphic Designers : We need Artwork for the show. Square dimensions of course and this will be seen on iTunes other podcasting platforms and on the podcast website. Would like to incorporate the UBUNTU Logo and I am not sure all the details regarding that but I wanted to present this so we can throw some ideas around.

Musicians : We need intro and outro music for the podcast. 30 seconds for intro, 1-2 minute(s) for outro. Similar tune to each other. Outro we will do the end credits during it so I'm not looking for anything with lyrics. Just instrumental.

Get in touch with Kat ([email protected]) if you have any skills you would like to contribute. We are looking for 3-4 cohosts passionate about UBUNTU, 1-2 editors, a social media guru.

Thank you so much for your love and support! We are thrilled to share UBUNTU with a larger audience.

-Jesika Neemann
Great to hear you are picking this up sister! Much love!
Wednesday 25 May 2016, 23:13:26
[deleted user]
An Ubuntu Podcast. The People Podcast, We Are The Change Podcast, A New Paradigm Podcast. lols!
Thursday 26 May 2016, 15:45:17
[deleted user]
I am scouting now. Jeff is going to be in touch with you too Jesika.
Thursday 26 May 2016, 15:46:50
[deleted user]
Steve Jencen can help with the Graphics if you like. Check your emails. Thanks.
Thursday 26 May 2016, 17:44:53
The Heart of Ubuntu
Thursday 26 May 2016, 22:13:47
I may be interested in the co-host position. Have some radio experience from my early years on WFUV radio in NY....and am passionate about Ubuntu. :-)
Saturday 28 May 2016, 13:36:47
[deleted user]
Amanda Ray may be emailing you soon Jesika. She was asking how this was going. I believe her husband has a lot of experience in the field as well.
Tuesday 31 May 2016, 18:28:48
J Derrell
We have our second planning meeting for the Hwy 18 CityFest tonight at 6:30 pm at the Veyo Fire Department on Center Street. If you and your husband can come, it'll be great to meet y'all.
Thursday 9 June 2016, 20:33:59
J Derrell
There should be a couple of local people there who would love to get involved with the podcast, too. We live in a rather talented area.
Thursday 9 June 2016, 20:35:20
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