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An introductory talk with Christopher Gardner [...]

Eastbourne, East Sussex
via The Full Circle Project
An introductory talk with Christopher Gardner…
Mat Dowle

A lively introductory talk with our friend Christopher Gardner of touching on a range of topics from health, parasites and predators to democide, permaculture and the essential question of how we use the precious gift of Time. Christopher is a true Action Man and is well along the path of innovation, inspiring others to become strong and effective in all areas of life.

There's much to contemplate and more to explore with Christopher in upcoming "Call to Action" talks; do listen to his views and experiences and write in with questions or topics to expand upon.

Check out his website with links to the podcasts and let Christopher's dynamic personality stir up your enthusiasm and determination to live life in an optimum state of balance, becoming more self-sufficient and aware in the process.

With gratitude for all participating in beneficial change, growth and recognition of our precious life.
Tuesday 24 May 2016, 14:05:50
For some reason this video wont play?
Wednesday 25 May 2016, 16:57:47
Stefan V
Awesome interview. Good to see so many people all on the same wavelength. Too bad we are all spread out with thousands of miles between us.
Saturday 28 May 2016, 17:39:13
Stefan V
The NWO targeting women is my thought too. Women are probably more easily manipulated and the powers that be have targeted women, with the consumer culture, with feminism, with fashion industry, with 'career' propaganda, phony rape culture etc.. They have turned women against men and men have given up, and now everybody loses.
Saturday 28 May 2016, 18:50:35
we gotta help our sisters remember the divine feminine essence
Sunday 29 May 2016, 08:47:24
Stefan V
Agree. I love women, but their essence has been tampered with.
Sunday 29 May 2016, 16:29:17
me too, loves women [like Louise! :)], but but but tamper here and tamper there, and we end up in a massive confusion while the planners use the decoy to tamper some more
Monday 30 May 2016, 14:24:28
Thanks for your comments; we will soon have a follow-up chat with Christopher and will dig deeper into these areas. Do keep questions and comments coming, as this way we can develop topics in line with what YOU feel most relevant to in-forming our actions.
Wednesday 1 June 2016, 21:53:27
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