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Great tune
Wednesday 18 May 2016, 19:29:39
Wednesday 18 May 2016, 22:34:41
Neil Warren
Van Morrison made a decent enhancement on Comfortably Numb (Sheeple Anthem) too, I thought:…
Sunday 22 May 2016, 00:44:37
Neil Warren
And what do we think of this "seed idea" at least if-when we get world wide forums to complement our Arts -> Spirituality personal (Thrive style) profiles. This was in Arts, of course:…
Sunday 22 May 2016, 00:46:43
Neil Warren
....with this being a question of the century, if not last 10,000 years of Money+Hierarchy Wars:…
Sunday 22 May 2016, 00:47:48
[deleted user]
were still here ! x
Wednesday 1 June 2016, 17:46:34
Andy T
Second that!
Thursday 2 June 2016, 20:01:57
Saturday 9 September 2017, 16:47:15
Neil Warren
Thanks Andrew (Doc). Actual copy-paste of email just sent, incoming bit first:

Roland Gilmore
Attachments3:16 PM (2 hours ago)

to me, Parmjit, Paul, JAMES, Michelle, Anna, Richard, Adam, Sean
Don't be fooled. This is a diversion from rampant, current and recent sexual child abuse. This report (by two journalists) is designed to discredit Catholics by association (divide & rule through media promotion of identity politics). The vast majority of those children are known to have died of natural causes such as TB from the 1880's to the 1960's. The actual story is that some of the burial records are missing. Not surprising since the Smyllum Park Orphanage closed in 1981. One (not 400) of the reported deaths has aroused suspicions.
A good friend has had her autistic spectrum child sexually abused by "carers" (not catholic nuns). The Assistant Safe Gaurding Director and a care manager for Rotherham were suspended only last week. Nothing in the media about this. Don't you wonder why not?
Also, investigation "Conifer" into Edward Heath's well known paedophilia has just been reopened. The "Conifer" report was an Establishment cover up. Heath used take young boys from Haut de la Garenne, Jersey onto his yacht, "Morning Cloud" where they were abused, some reputedly murdered and disposed of. Jimmy Saville was involved.
All the best

PS I have been in contact with Leeds Council about hire of the proposed concert venue. I have filled in 14 pages of information for the event licence application and need to write up some risk assessments. Have also constructed a spreadsheet of costs that I am in the process of populating. So far have costs for covered stage with PA wings, 65,000 W PA, temporary fencing, pedestrian barriers, turnstile units, staffing and accommodation units. Only another 30-40 items to go including police and St John's Ambulance costs.

Neil Warren <[email protected]>
Attachments4:43 PM (38 minutes ago)

to Roland, Parmjit, Paul, JAMES, Michelle, Anna, Richard, Adam, Sean
Equally please don't anybody be fooled into thinking that I will encourage £-ticket sales for anything, ever.

Not obvious anywhere, but I also agree that the whole child abuse thing is just the underage version of wholesale abuse of humanity, using the ignorance of most about what £-money is, or any world-wide debt-money come to that. Whether true or not, it is logical to imagine Julius Caesar running for office, borrowing 500Million IgnoranceCoins, having a huge shopping mall to keep the consuming / voting punters sweet, and then being "encouraged" (licensed) to go and slaughter as many Gauls as it took to subjugate them.

William the Conqueror's gay son Rufus, "harrying the north" = just kill the next 100,000, all ages, who gives a fuck = pacified, and lots more hunting land to boot, what's not to like?

So if your spreadsheet also gives us an option for "alt-money", Roland, then great, please explain. And if it doesn't, we can hopefully learn from here why I do not want £1 from anyone for anything, and seem to go all quiet and sulky when it comes to "promoting our concert".

Explaining whatever "lawful money" turns out to be, as and when offered via ASANBank / any other, and team Anna, is my most daunting challenge.

A year ago =

Jessica S
East End, Hampshire about a year ago via Ubuntu - United Kingdom
Hi all, really enjoyed the London event. Myself and a team are creating a music festival down here in the New Forest, due to take place on the 15-17th July called Abundance. We are using it as an opportunity for people to share ground breaking change theories, free energy technology, and are experimenting with alternative ways of transaction and exchange. Wondering how we can incorporate Ubuntu in this festival! Does anyone have any ideas? Will keep forum posted on progress! Much love x…

Neil Warren <[email protected]>
Attachments5:12 PM (10 minutes ago)

to Roland, Parmjit, Paul, JAMES, Michelle, Anna, Richard, Adam, Sean
That Doc just posted that (a year later, as if anyone gives a shit), and he's tagged something onto this "what about music about £-money?" effort, opening post user deleted for whatever reason (Pink Floyd, "Money, it's a drag", for those old enough to remember that one)...…

It's not a drag - it's a weapon of mass genocide, abuse, slavery, etc..

Micro-concert tester could be FREE back room pub CONTRIBUTED by a sympathetic landlord (Natural Human George Slaying Reptilian Money Parasite, prev George & Dragon). Use the footie TVs to drown our chatter out, and book Doc Mustard to explain in talking voice why he performs £-free too. Someone will need to research via the internet who Doc Mustard is in Real Name / face (offline too) disguise, and also if he then also knows any other DJs / whatever he'd be happy to also work with. If he can't think of any, I have no objections at all to this being on loop, big screen, main stage, side stages, every tent, veggie burger van, St John's Red Cross rest room / chill out zone, hash-tent, mud bath, porta-bogs, farmhouse, all of it. I find it strangely attractive and addictive, in short...

MONEY RANT (reminted edition) written and sung by Doc Mustard…

Published on 25 Dec 2015

Yesterday, Xmas eve, a card arrived from my two faced backstabbing only sibling sister living in Edmonton, Canada that in a
nutshell read:

Dear Andrew, me me me me me !!! Not the slightest hint of an apology for her despicable behaviour 13 years ago when
she employed a lawyer to menace me immediately after our father's death as she falsely accused me of forcing him into changing his
will nor any whiff of a confession to all the filthy stinking lies she subsequently spread amongst my immediate family resulting
in my reputation as a respectable family member being tarnished to the point where the only other family card I got was from my
cousin in Surrey.

Money fuelled bitter sibling rivalry was the cause for all this. This video is concerned with truth and exposing
all those who claim to be an empath yet zealously grasp onto the slightest morsel of gossip so thast they can shit stir to their
heart's delight. There's a video on Youtube partially entitled " Poisonous Food Parcel " which clearly explains my personal situation. I'm no stranger to being badmouthed because I'm a bully magnet so have learned to live with it and recognise insincerity hence no tv or tabloids for me. ho ho ho.

And this is the suggested "Music Festival / Concert" some of my fellow "lawful bankers" are planning for August 2018, and which I'd love involved YOU, but not one £-half-penny (if you have a way and PC / laptop access to create a Real Name and face profile, plus personal motivation still, of course):…

Sunday 10 September 2017, 17:26:33
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