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Here is a wonderful story about the true meaning of [...]

Trumbull, Connecticut
via The Full Circle Project
Here is a wonderful story about the true meaning of Ubuntu that many of you have already seen, but I just wanted to share with those who have not, or those who have maybe forgot.

An anthropologist proposed a game to children of an African tribe. He put a basket of fruit near a tree and told the kids that the first one to reach the fruit would win them all. When he told them to run they all took each others hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying the fruits.
When asked why they ran like that, as one could have taken all the fruit for oneself, they said, “Ubuntu, how can one of us be happy if all the others are sad?”
‘UBUNTU’ is a philosophy of African tribes that can be summed up as “I am because we are.”

Divide and conquer is one of the main tools the worldwide corrupt rulers, have used throughout the millennia and continue to use to destroy mass unity. And people like Max Egan keep emphasizing this to us over and over. It is obvious the corrupt rulers have been wanting and want WW III. But the only way for that to never happen is for us to stop being fooled by the bait of their deceptive lure, of dangerous and divisive rhetoric.
Rory L
Thanks for the reminder, we have to unite and share with as many people around us as possible. And I think if we can surround ourselves with like minded people we will grow stronger. Which is why this site is so good, we just need to turn it in to the physical.
Monday 16 May 2016, 21:36:18
[deleted user]
Thank you Rory, you have pointed out all of the keys. Neutralize the divide by creating strength in numbers through a true sincere connection, and the sincerity will manifest it into the physical.
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 01:15:47
[deleted user]
Yes Rory, unite with all regardless of skin, nationality, etc...
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 02:01:57
thanks for the friendly reminder! i like the story behind UBUNTU- first time hearing it actually ;)
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 07:40:51
I doubt the story and as sweet as the idea of unity is, it goes against our basic nature. Look at yourself, how often do you meet another human that you can completely agree with??? Until we release ourselves from the shackles of our conditioning that we are not the creating force of everything, the greedy ones will use that knowledge to benefit themselves.
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 10:14:17
[deleted user]
AwakenYaMind I always sense a very strong positive force from you. Thank you for truly sharing the UBUNTU spirit, my friend.
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 17:05:24
[deleted user]
Amanda, I have an internal skeptic within me that questions the validity of everything. So there are times that I feel the same. lol But when I allow myself clarity, I get the sensation that this was very much a living factual event. I have experienced this kind of unity first hand when I visited my parents primordial home village in the Balkans many, many years ago. But I unfortunately doubt that it is quite the same today. I also experienced moments of it more recent while living in an intentional community, but sadly it is not always sustained there. And if I really look deep into the spirit I can see several tribes throughout time that truly lived this story over and over. :)
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 17:29:19
[deleted user]
Amanda -
“Look at yourself, how often do you meet another human that you can completely agree with???” Yes, you are absolutely correct. But if we use music as the metaphor for life there is a grand beauty to this. We are certainly not meant to have the exact same interpretation of something. That would be like everyone in a orchestra playing the identical part throughout the composition. The magic happens when each plays a derivate, “the harmonies.” The harmony to the melody. The harmony to the rhythm. Music is about a call and response, and life is music in its most majestic form.
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 17:53:21
[deleted user]
The orchestra has different sections: strings, brass, percussion, woodwind, etc... Each has its interpretation of the piece that can differ greatly. But yet it collectively makes music to our ears, hearts, and Souls. Mother Earth is the orchestra, each ethnic group is the different sections, and the Heavens is the Grand Conductor. And yes you are correct the transmission from true conductor is being blocked by the malevolent ones polluting each of our beings. All we can do is just keep refining our senses and our sensibilities, in order to hear the true Conductor.
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 17:54:31
[deleted user]
Amanda, thank you for your service. Keep doing your great work!!!
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 17:55:10
why thank you Zeemer, i appreciate your positivity as well and the orchestra metaphor too- nice one.. a story doesn't have to be true to learn from it's morals anyway.. different cultures and families have different conditioning, whether they be more positive or negative
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 18:38:26
[deleted user]
AwakenYaMind "a story doesn't have to be true to learn from it's morals anyway." so very true! And we have the power to manifest it into reality, regardelss.
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 19:32:33
yea buddy!
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 20:17:45
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