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Hi, there - I'm really interested in making contact with [...]

Birmingham, West Midlands
via The Full Circle Project
Hi, there - I'm really interested in making contact with anyone who's based in Birmingham/West Midlands. Although unable to participate in the entire AV7 conference this weekend, I was fortunate to be able to get to yesterday evening's event and even more fortunate to meet and have a conversation with Max. As usual, he delivered a brilliant, passionate and incisive presentation which was very well received. There was a great atmosphere at the conference and it was really hard to have to return home, when I'd have much preferred to stay. Anyway - I'll be happy to hear from anyone who lives within a 50 miles radius of Birmingham and in the meantime, I wish everyone well and always, in la'kech.
Rory L
Hiya the best way to make contact is through the circles, which is one of the options in the drop down boxes at the top. There is one in Birmingham, but not many members. I am part of the midlands group which had some members go to the AV7 , we are about 50 miles away. Take care. Rory
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:03:20
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