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To all chewing gum fans, a worrying thought to chew [...]

Nantwich, Cheshire East
via The Full Circle Project
To all chewing gum fans, a worrying thought to chew on!…
and i thought they were going to focus on aspartame.. this is much worse! how do we change this transhumanist model propelled by control and monetary gain? personally i only seldom chew on cinnamon sticks... someone i talked to recently said- wouldn't it be nice if all cultivated food was organic?
Saturday 7 May 2016, 09:06:55
It seems their plan is to bomb us in every possible way and through every orifice with geo engineered crap! We will end up wearing haz mat suits , with tin foil hats and only eating organic fluff 😂, never mind things could be worse.......‼️

Saturday 7 May 2016, 10:51:22
i hear ya, haha
Saturday 7 May 2016, 13:18:00
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