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We are a group of poor community parents [...]

St. Louis, Missouri
via Ubuntu Planet
We are a group of poor community parents leaders. We decided to fight crime and unemployment in our community by building our own community company that we call Global Inventors Group LLC Our goal is to invent, manufacture, and distribute our own products creating good jobs for our kids. Yes we have members working and doing the work on a promise of getting paid soon after the company start making profit . Right now we are organically funding ourselves without money from venture capitalists. We have seven inventions on the pipeline right now. And still debt free. But. Our operation agreement article is very not well written and is not inline with Ubuntu philosophy. We want a business model suitable for Ubuntu plan. Please help us write our operational agreement for Ubuntu company.
Thanks for joining the UBUNTU movement! I understand what you are trying to do and applaud you on your effort. I think we can help but we need more information. Shoot me an email [email protected] lets see we can align you organization with UBUNTU and introduce your community to "Contributiionism". It is the principle we promote
Saturday 7 May 2016, 14:57:01
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 01:32:54
We also are a travel community. If you guys can build a vacation package to Adam's calendar we can sell a lot of it. See
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 01:52:48
Not sure if you understand our concept of Contributionism ... please check it out
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 03:44:15
Good morning
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 17:28:13
This is Eric From Global inventors Group LLC I sent you a link to our business plan
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 17:30:20
Just clik the link that say Liveplan
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 17:31:39
I checked everything out for weeks. Life without money
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 17:33:59
What we are doing is inventing our own line of products that we can control distribution and manufacturing and give our kids an opportunity to be wholesale distributors on all our products. That is our community plan
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 17:42:10
where are you located?
Wednesday 11 May 2016, 00:04:41
I am in STL MO Saint Louis Missouri
Wednesday 11 May 2016, 14:37:41
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