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Just join in your site. I am a [...]

Minas Gerais
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Just join in your site. I am a Canadian-Brazilian citizen currently working in Brazil.

We a team of independent professionals from USA, Canada and Brazil that came together as one to deliver a series of projects in Brazil. Our main goal is to create THE CULTURE OF SELF-SUFFICIENT LIVING" by building smaller organic farming communities up to 2 thousand people.

Since I moved back to Brazil 6 years ago, I am in awe to see how much evil the American and British establishments are capable of. My heart goes out for my American and Brits brothers and sisters.

Brazil is also under attack by the evil Empire that wants to dominate the entire world. THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED BECAUSE WE ARE THE MAJORITY. In order to move forward we must join forces and help one another.

I am currently looking to find people in the movie industry to put a series of documentaries about Brazil.

looking forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

God bless you all

Paul Kemp DavidCampus
Hi Sandra, The planetary elite are making another full assult on Brazil to prevent their participation in BRICS. May I suggest you contact Global Research here in Canada in your efforts to disclose information to the Brazilian National Family. The elite can only function in an uninformed society as all of their deceptions require a lack of knowledge concerning planetary facts needs and goals. Here is a search of their site on Brazil.…
Thursday 5 May 2016, 16:57:55
Sandra d
Thank you for returning my email and for referring the Global Research to me. Yes, I will make sure to double check them.

Brazil is in total disarray where the order of the day is “Save yourself if you can”. The Brazilian Elite and the Empire are working non-stop trying to destroy the amazing work Lula and Dilma have been doing for over 12 years. To move forward, we must address the major issues that the Nation is facing:

1. Lack of true knowledge, good education and vision is killing my people. ” Knowledge is power. Around the world people are dying; they are wasting their lives away because they´re ignorant, ill-informed and unread as to how the world really works. “A Nation without true knowledge and vision will certainly perish; that´s a fact, it´s a reality”.

According with the Competitiveness report 2015-2016, Brazil has one of the worse education systems in the world. Compared to 140 countries Brazil ranked 132nd. “Less than 15% of the Brazilian population aged 18 to 24 is enrolled in universities, compared to more than 36% in the US; and only 11% of Brazilians have a post-secondary qualification, as compared to approximately 40% of Americans.”

2. Lack of discipline, real commitment, unity and bondage between people because the country is still divided by social classes, race, color and so forth. “A house divided can never stand on its own.”

Brazil has a deadly disease and the cancer of this society is called “the upper class”. The only way to describe them is to quote the Brazilian international correspondent report by the name of Pepe Escobar when he says: “Brazilian upper middle classes - which include a largely appalling lot wallowing in arrogance, ignorance and prejudice mixes on the planet, whose dream is a condo in Miami.”

3. Due to the lack of good education, ignorance, true knowledge and vision you see the people taken up the streets of the nation in protest without having a solid plan of action and a clear agenda in place to guide them.

4. The mainstream media is 100% behind the coup´état and we all know who is backing them up. 99% of the people of this Nation have no idea what is really happening, why and who is behind it. In my family I am the only one defending Dilma.

5. Amazing enough, the only people that you can talk to, that are ready to hear what you have to say with absolute respect are the underprivileged. They are the only ones who will be able to survive the changes that the planet are going to be facing because they are more united than the upper class and willing to change. We are here to work with the underprivileged and since our projects include the Young Leaders Exchange Student program, we are hoping to touch the youth from the upper class who are totally lost due to good parental guidance and raised completely detached from reality.
While the Empire and the Brazilian elite are planning to bring Brazil on its knees; the churches of this Nation are fasting and on their knees 24-7 praying for God to deliver them from the hands of the evil ones. The citizens of this Nation are literally camping outside of the Vice-President of Brazil, known as Judah - the traitor, telling him that he will not dethrone their President.
When I saw the real citizens of this Nation, the underprivileged, in front of the evil Global Television, trying to stop the impeachment in order to protect their President and the democracy they work so hard for it; I thought I was going to die from crying. For weeks I walked around the house in total despair. If I live a hundred, I will never be able to forget that scene in front of the Global TV as long as I shall life.
Since Lula and Dilma´s party took over 12 years ago, 13 million Brazilians have scaled to a higher social class in Brazil, with an increase of 12.8% of the upper and middle class population, followed by 26.1% growth of the population migrating from poverty to working class; and now the Empire and the filthy evil Brazilian elite wants to crush it.
The other day President Dilma said something profound. She said “What the Brazilian upper class cannot tolerate and despise the most; is the simple fact that their maids are now able to go shopping in Miami. Their maids are now buying and wearing the same clothes and same perfume that their mistresses are using and wearing and that is a crime. The Brazilian maids now can send their children abroad to take some English Classes and before Lula, this was unheard of.

New data from the Brazilian Educational and Language Travel Association (BELTA) points it out that Brazilian student enrollment abroad grew from 34,000 in 2003 to 232,000 in 2014 – (up 682.35%). In Canada alone, Brazilian spent over one billion dollars in 2015 and the numbers keeps growing. 88.8% of the Brazilian travel agencies affirm that today´s exchange student packages became more affordable to the Brazilian “C” class. According to the Data Popular, class “C” is already responsible for 42 % of total spending on education in Brazil.
Our believes is that in order to move forward it is “imperative” that we do exactly what the Japanese did after the II World War: we must go back to the basics and start investing heavily in our children; and focus on the small rural community areas with two to five thousand habitants. Smaller the communities better for us to train its habitants and work with them.
Friday 6 May 2016, 19:28:29
Paul Kemp DavidCampus
Hi Sandra, it is very important that your National Family in Brazil understand what a true type of representative government looks like. I was the President of the National Executive of the Canadian Action Party started by Paul Hellyer when he was our Minister of Defense. In 2008 I attempted to include these into the constitution of the party but was prevented by a person sent in by the Senate to derail the action. It is imperative that every Nation Family understands the essential steps or stages to the evolution of a true type of Representative Government. By this method of education can the citizenship determine what is missing in their own government and work toward its inclusion. ● Here is a link to these Steps ●… ● Spead these to as many as you can among your national family. Also warn as many as possible that the method employed by the wealthy and fortune few to start civil unrest so they can overthrow a government is to plant hired gunmen among peacefully demonstrating civilians and begin shooting at the government civil servants there to keep the peace. When government security returns fire the demonstrators are then told by mainstream media that the government opened fire on peaceful demonstrators fueling the lies to make these uninformed citizens help them in the goal of overthrowing a government that honestly attempts to serve the people in exchange for a government that serves the interest of the elite and powerful of that nation. They recently used this exact method in both Syria and Ukraine.
Friday 6 May 2016, 22:21:25
Sandra d
Dear Paul
Before I say anything I want you to know that Canada is dear to my heart and between my native land, Brazil and Canada, everything I am, I owe it to Canada and Canada will be my final resting place. Canada gave me a reason to believe in myself and for that I am grateful.
I would like to start this email with part of a presentation that I usually use when I do my small conferences in Brazil.
“History shows that for 3200 years Rome has dominated Europe and for 3200 years Europe has dominated the world; therefore there is the old saying that all roads lead to Rome.

So much of our religion, our government, our banking and education systems are all based on ancient concepts and believes systems; and unless and until we educate ourselves as the how our world operates; we never really going to experience freedom because as a man think so is he.

So this is why is so important to help people, especially young people, to understand where the world that they live in come from and how it got here; because we cannot fix anything or any problem; if we don´t know how the problem started. Albert Einstein once said that "you can´t depend on those same people who caused the problem to fix it".

Knowledge is power; and that´s why so many people in the world today feel powerless because they have no knowledge. The “Bible” says “my people are dying from a lack of knowledge” and "where there is no vision the people perish”; and that´s certainly true today. People are dying; they are wasting their lives away because they´re ignorant, ill-informed and unread as to how the world really works. As long as civilization does not understand where we have come from and where we are now and where the whole human race is going in the future; and if we don´t have that kind of spiritual vision, than for certain we are going to perish.

Unless we understand freedom, how and where it came from, and how it was obtained; how we are being manipulated, lied to, mistreated, deceived; we are never going to be able to get out of the mess we´re in.

True knowledge is the only key to set us free from this sordid system that has been in place for centuries; designed exclusively to destroy the sovereignty of our minds.”

I immigrated to Canada in 1980, always with the plan of returning to Brazil with human and material resources to assist in building Brazil through partnerships. My goal is to assist Brazil by educating the poor and the youth, by providing the skills both to enhance infrastructures of the country and to build the lives of citizens through our programs. My Canadian partners and I go back to 1986; and it took me 6 years to form this amazing team with professionals from USA, Canada and Brazil to work together with me.

Since I moved back to Latin America 6 years ago I must say that I am shocked and in awe to find out what Canada is involved with behind closed doors without the knowledge of its citizens and how little freedom of speech we have in North America in comparison with South America; and that for me is a shocker. Canada´s involvement with NATO, America and Britain is a risky and dangerous business; and unless we move away from it; we will go down with this sordid system that is going to be crushed soon. Below is the news highlight we´ve been getting here in Latin America about North America and Europe.
Currently there are 95 million Americans unemployed; and since U.S.A. is Canada´s main export partners (75.6% of the market) one wonders what the future will hold for us Canadians; and that´s why we must go after other markets.
The suicide epidemic that is currently taking place in Canada, USA (up 500% since 1991) and Europe between the age group of 24 to 35 due to unemployment, depression and poverty is staggering. I could not believe it myself and this is mainstream media now.
The sanctions America put on Russia in 2014, it cost the Canadian farmers over 160 million dollars’ worth in business; the big winners in this sanctions were the Brazilian, Argentinian and Chilean farmers. Russia is moving towards organic farming and an economy of peace together with the BRICS. Brazil is part of the Silk Road and together with China we are about to build a via rail from the City of Campinas in São Paulo to Peru for export. China is also involved with major construction with Petrobras and since 2015 the export of Brazilian petroleum tripled. We Brazilians are hoping that China will be behind the infrastructure major construction in this country since the Brazilian construction company cannot be trusted and have no know-how to build something that is worse believing.
Beginning of 1980s, a massive amount of financial capital have been sucked out the United States and moved abroad, ensuring that corporations have become more powerful than governments, changing the very structure of governance on the planet and ensuring we are ruled by private corporations. Pension and social security funds have also been stolen and moved offshore, leading to the end of fiscal responsibility and sovereignty as we know it. (Catherine Austin Fitts - Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration)

Since the financial coup´état in 2007-2008, Canadian companies that invested in Brazil were laughing all way to the bank while in North America the opposite took place. Some of the Canadian companies investments in Brazil are CANADA PENSION PLAN AND IVANHOÉ Cambridge Credit Union (please check their site to find out more).
After the financial crises in 2007-2008, China decided to invest in their internal market and the number of Chinese rising up to the middle class is skyrocketing; the same thing was happening with Brazil during Lula´s administration and even with Dilma until the Empire came along together with the filthy Brazilian elite.
After the financial crises, the BRICS nations decided to work around the clock to create a living economy for a living earth where the ideology of “winner take all” is being replaced with one in which “all are winners”. This mission-orientation defines de BRICS system. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) nations today represent about four billion people, more than half of humanity of the world's population. The new system that the BRICS and its allies are building is a modern version of the “American System of Political Economy”, on which America was founded. More about the BRICS:…
The BRICS Nations are considered the “organic economy” of the 21st century and that´s why we are under attack; especially Russia, China, South Africa and now Brazil. The BRICS Development bank was design to move away from the “Vulture Funds”, the World Bank, IFM and Wall Street and that´s why the Empire is so busy destabilizing the entire planet. This current war against the BRICS is to force Latin America in to this filthy TPP treat that will destroy our sovereignty and makes us all slaves of this horrid system that the Empire is designing for us; BUT THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED ALREADY.
95% of the North American youth have no clue of what the BRICS nations stand for; and the magnitude of this group in terms of business opportunities for us North Americans; and for that I blame the mainstream media.
Since 1991, I have been working non-stop to promote Canada´s image, as a business and tourism destination, without any support from the Canadian government using my own funds. My contact inside the Canadian Embassy in São Paulo, since 1998, does her best to help me but there is only so much she can do for me.
I believe the time has come where we, the people of this earth, must have to form an international league to fight the enemy from within and the outside forces that are trying to destroy us. True knowledge and education are the only way out for us.
Paul, our Canadian and Brazilian team is going to be working closely with our American Construction builder in Brazil. Through this association we will be able to promote jobs to our North American and Latin American youth. Our team will be designing Steelbras social responsibility programs and education is a huge part of it. Through this association we will be able to:
 Build model cities across Brazil with special focus on rural areas of Brazil with 2 to 3 thousand habitants.
 Raise the quality of life for all citizens;
 Establish pools of intellectual properties;
 Scalable and sustainable economies;
 Leverage technologies to achieve and surpass carbon neutral;
 Transform traditional banking to a self-sufficient Funds Flow Model.
 Building a training Centre that will provide the venue for “on-going” training local residents in construction, landscape, horticulture, organic farming (Young and Women Farmers), Character First Program, hospitality, tourism, “Moms and Tots” bilingual daycare services (0 to 6 years old), entrepreneurship, Young Leaders Exchange Student Program, health, nutrition, Goals for Youth, arts and culture.
 Training local Brazilians residents in all the construction trades.
 Building 20,000 homes (Brazilian Federal Program: My House My Life).
 Refurbishing educational institutions in order to provide better education for students.
 Providing an educational program which will include exchange programming for practical and community development between Canada and Brazil.
 Total Health Program (INOVHA - Instituto Nacional de Valorização Humana e Ambiental).
 Beautification and enhancement project which will assist in tourism in the region.
 Organic Farming (Youth Brazilian Farmers program, with special focus on the women).

Through this association I will be able to sell our Canadian recycled household paint that I introduced to the Brazilian and MERCOSUL market back in 1998 while attending the largest construction trade show in Latin America with my own money.
I really would like to talk to you about our projects and see how we can help one another.

The best way to get a hold of me is through Skype and my address is sandraportes and I am from Toronto-Canada. I do have a cell phone number in Brazil but the lines are horrible.
Thank you for your time and in advance for your support.


Sandra Maria da Silva
Skype: sandraportes
Phone # (13) 9-8115-9662 (Bertioga, São Paulo-Brazil)

Monday 9 May 2016, 14:52:39
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