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Would anybody be interested in hearing the progress of a [...]

Byangum, New South Wales
via Ubuntu Planet
Would anybody be interested in hearing the progress of a 5 year plan that (so-far theoretically) can provide power, housing, land, and food production for establishment and growth of new Ubuntu community villages?

The project which will be initiated within the next 2 years will be a large undertaking, and there are many tedious details to work out before official presentation.

The goal, to have a document to hand to any member interested in a step-by-step guide that will fast-track the implementation of villages without heavy burden of cost leading to absolute financial prosperity and a means to break free from the financial dependence through smart economic and social systems.

When this system is successfully implemented it will introduce 2000 people at a time to the idea and benefit of contribution-ism.

If you have business or project management experience and wish to contribute to the project, I have many tasks to allocate; email me at [email protected]

If we combine our efforts this will be an extremely handy tool and we will have a large impact.
Message me.
Tuesday 3 May 2016, 13:51:39
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