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This morning I received a Shungite bracelet in the mail [...]

Omaha, Arkansas
via Prepare For Change
This morning I received a Shungite bracelet in the mail and a couple of days ago I received a book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I started reading and my life feels like it'll never be the same again, everything is magical, I can see now how it all ties together We Are All One. I am going somewhere I always wanted to go! I have been on this journey, I realized all of my life. Don't just have a dream pursue your dreams. Victory of the light 💜⚕🙏
Tutan Steven Gowin Dawn V
it feels total like this.... they told me my pineal gland was activated ... and it was always be ... but honest... i feel 24/7 pure love and happyness and i share that with people comming on my road... it is unbelievable but true cuz ... not me alone.... so this is why i been all my life into osychiatrie and gave me pills en pills ... all my habits i turned into... must come from primeal knowledge unconscious i formed myself to this time ... and .. i am glad i am myself :))) nice meeting alll people here!!???! waw what a group....
Monday 20 August 2018, 05:09:04
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