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Chemtrails vs Contrails, Slavespeak, and How Meteorologists Know Jack about [...]

British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
Chemtrails vs Contrails, Slavespeak, and How Meteorologists Know Jack about Aviation Pollution…
Thanks for the post westwynd. Where I live was hit heavy yesterday. Usual blue skies in the morning turning with trails and then heavy rain later in the day. Took loads of photos. I am building up quite a collection and I was thinking of going to my local library to place an exhibition of the photos I have taken over the years. It would be only 30 or 40 of the best printed out and framed with little bits of written information on what it's all about under each photo. Like giving little hinters perhaps through sarcasm. What would I call the exhibition for advertising? I don't know.
Sunday 12 August 2018, 15:28:34
Overcast here today in B.C, Canada . The sun is trying peek through but they got so much shit sprayed up there . ( fucking psychos ) .I'll try to think of a good title for your exhibition if I don't get zapped first haha !! . Can you upload the photos to informed planet ? it would be interesting to see .
Sunday 12 August 2018, 21:35:39
Site closed down. They have another forum only site but not really used it yet.
Sunday 12 August 2018, 21:38:00
ah shit !
Sunday 12 August 2018, 21:38:57
great idea about taking pictures of the skies and collecting them for an exhibit , I think I will do the same here . I've been placing posters everywhere from geoengineering watch ,some get torn down but I keep placing more . But it is a great idea to have your own photos with info to spread around . Thanks , I didn't think of that . ( must be all the RF crap in town when I go to work )
Sunday 12 August 2018, 21:55:50
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