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Hi All, I'm chasing screen printers / graphic designers / broadcasters [...]

Shailer Park, Queensland
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Hi All,

I'm chasing screen printers / graphic designers / broadcasters / advertisers (preferably in Brisbane, Aust) who are able to offer their skills or services or both - FOC - for the purpose of public education. URGENT

I would also love to get a group of Brisbane locals together with a video I'm making for the purpose of hitting up various churches around the place. Priests have a duty of care and are legally bound to share such information with their members. Information such as our 1999 referendum being a complete crock because the UN signed Australia over the month prior. Aussies deserve to know that the Commonwealth is no longer - we are part of the UN - the right "global catastrophe" will mean the grip of control starts getting dreadfully tight in the very near future (and I truly think this will get peoples attention easily rather than spewing the whole truth at them on a global scale and blinding them back into slumberland). Help with this greatly appreciated.

In reference to the Rockefeller quote along the lines of "all we need is the right global catastrophe to implement the NWO" and the series of events planned for this September - has anyone else's thoughts ventured down the path of: if the federal reserve has relocated out of NY + the UN Summit will have X amount of leaders from around the world in NY for 23-28 Sept + which happens to be around the time CERN does its thing = could all that equal some kind of 'completely undetectable disaster' getting rid of leaders who happen to be in NY together at once and lead the way for the UN to say, "well, your Gov signed you over back in 1999 so 'we'll protect you' from now on, lucky all your policies and legislation are already up to the UN standard."........ Or do I need to take a break?

xx Brenni
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