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I would like to request help building a farmbot prototype [...]

Sunday 28 August 2016, 21:45:53
I would like to request help building a farmbot prototype (, Canada-based. At the same time I am offering my skills and expertise to do the same. If you have some space, tools, a small budget and would like to put up with a tinkerer while he attempts to build something that is still in the prototype stage, then this may be for you.

The farmbot makes use of a Raspberry Pi 3, and Arduino Mega 2560, a planter bed, some track and a gantry to apply the principles of a CNC machine to seed, water and weed a garden in the range of 1.5m x 3m. Demonstrating that this works could prove useful for larger scale operations.

Please contact for more information.
Sudano D
I'm in!...if help is still needed
Monday 5 December 2016, 23:46:52
Deleted User
Clarence I have CNC experience BTW. Let me know if I can help...
Saturday 28 January 2017, 08:02:08
Thank you. I will let you know.
Saturday 28 January 2017, 15:19:49
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